Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources Projects

Ailey Young Park Improvements

Phase: Design

Cost: $2.35 million

Description: Improvements will provide universal accessibility and increased capacity


Athletic Fields Lighting System Replacement/Installation

Phase: Complete

Cost: $1.279 million

Description: Replacement plan for lighting at athletic fields

Update: Project is complete

Heritage High School Pressbox/Bathrooms

Phase: Design

Cost: $40,000

Description: Install facilities near the upper level fields, currently utilizing port-a-john

Update: Heritage High School Booster Club will lead this project. Level 4 agreement amended to reflect the Town's contribution.

Holding Park Pool & Playground Renovation

Phase: Completed

Cost: $2.929 million

Description: Renovation of Holding Park Pool. Improved/More accessible playground with improved drainage system.


Installation of Irrigation & Sod at Flaherty Park Baseball/Softball Fields

Phase: Phase II project completed

Cost: $138,000

Description: Building sand-based grass infield; grading entire field; installation of hybrid sod on Field 2.



Joyner Park Phase 2

Phase: Completed

Cost: $11.1 million

Description: Master plan that includes a Joyner Park Community Center and other improvements to E. Carroll Joyner Park.


Spraygrounds/Water Features

Phase: Project Complete

Cost: $411,268

Description: New sprayground water features at Smith Creek, Flaherty Park and future center

Taylor Street Park Sprayground

Athletic Court Construction

Phase: Not started

Cost: $62,500

Description: Reconstruction of Tyler Run and Ailey Young basketball courts

Tyler Run will be reconstructed and the remaining funds will be use to resurface Heritage High School tennis courts.

Ailey Young will be addressed in the park improvments if funds are received from the PARTF Grant.

Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources Projects
Assistant Town Manager