Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources Projects

Ailey Young Park Improvements

  • Phase: Design

  • Cost: $2.35 million

  • Description: Improvements will provide universal accessibility and increased capacity

  • March 2018 Update

    • Project design nearing 100% completion.

    • Submitting for second round of PARTF grant in spring 2018

Athletic Fields Lighting System Replacement/Installation

  • Phase: Complete

  • Cost: $1.279 million

  • Description: Replacement plan for lighting at athletic fields

  • Update

    • Project is complete

Heritage High School Pressbox/Bathrooms

  • Phase: Design

  • Cost: $40,000

  • Description: Install facilities near the upper level fields, currently utilizing port-a-john

  • Update

    • Heritage High School Booster Club will lead this project. Level 4 agreement amended to reflect the Town's contribution.

Holding Park Pool & Playground Renovation

  • Phase: Pool Demo complete/Construction underway

  • Cost: $2.929 million

  • Description: Renovation of Holding Park Pool. Improved/More accessible playground with improved drainage system.

  • March 2018 Update

    • Construction in progress

Installation of Irrigation & Sod at Flaherty Park Baseball/Softball Fields

  • Phase: Phase II project completed

  • Cost: $138,000

  • Description: Building sand-based grass infield; grading entire field; installation of hybrid sod on Field 2.

  • Update

    • Irrigation and sod installed in September 2017.

Joyner Park Phase 2

  • Phase: Design

  • Cost: $11.1 million

  • Description: Master plan that includes a Joyner Park Community Center and other improvements to E. Carroll Joyner Park.

  • March 2018 Update

    • Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) presented guaranteed maximum price to BOC on March 20th. Construction scheduled to begin May 2018.

  • Joyner Park Phase 2 website

Spraygrounds/Water Features

  • Phase: Complete

  • Cost: $411,268

  • Description: New sprayground water features at Smith Creek, Flaherty Park and future center

  • Update

    • Project completed and opened to the public Sept. 9, 2017

  • Taylor Street Park Sprayground

Athletic Court Construction

  • Phase: Not started

  • Cost: $62,500

  • Description: Reconstruction of Tyler Run and Ailey Young basketball courts

  • March 2018 Update

    • Tyler Run will be reconstructed and the remaining funds will be use to resurface Heritage High School tennis courts.

    • Ailey Young will be addressed in the park improvments if funds are received from the PARTF Grant.

Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources Projects
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