Solid Waste

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Request Trash & Recycling Carts
Use this form to Request Solid Waste Collection Service, Upgrade Your Recycling Cart, Order Extra Trash & Recycling Carts, and/or Report Damaged or Missing Carts

Request a Bulk Pickup
Use this form to schedule a bulk waste pickup. Bulk pickups are provided on Tuesdays by appointment only.  Bulk waste that is scheduled for collection before 2 p.m. on Monday will be picked up the following day (Tuesday). Continue to leave your items at the curb if not collected. It may take a few days to collect items during high volume weeks.

Request a Brush Pickup
Use this form to schedule a brush pickup. Appointments must be scheduled by 2 p.m. the day prior to collection. Collections will occur on your normal collection day. Brush collection requests are limited to 20 per service day to make sure we complete requests in a safe and timely manner. 

Report a Missed Trash/Recycling Collection
Use this form to report a missed trash and/or recycling collection. Missed collections reported after 5 p.m. the following business day will be collected on your next scheduled trash day.

Sign Up for Waste Wizard 
The Waste Wizard makes it easy for Wake Forest residents to stay informed about the Town’s trash, recycling and yard waste collection programs, including changes to their normal collection schedules. The Waste Wizard is an interactive tool that allows users to sign up for waste collection reminders and download collection schedules. The resource also allows users to type in key words related to disposable household materials and receive valuable disposal tips. From aluminum cans and phone books to popcorn bags and plastic beverage bottles, the search tool helps residents determine which items can be recycled and which ones should be thrown away. As a bonus, the Waste Wizard is provided as a function on the Town of Wake Forest app.


Bag Trash, Not Recycling 

Town ordinance requires that trash be bagged before being placed in the cart. This prevents flyaway litter as the cart is emptied into the truck. Also, do not place bags or boxes of trash on the ground. Bags and/or boxes of trash left beside the cart will not be serviced. Recyclables should be placed loosely in your recycling cart.

Days of Service

Use the "My Schedule" function below to determine your collection day and/or receive a customized calendar or notification for your trash and recycling schedule!

Positioning Carts at the Curb

Only  carts properly positioned along the right-of-way are eligible for curbside collection service. When setting your carts out for collection, please remember the following:

  • Place cart at the curb before 7 a.m. on your scheduled pickup day.

  • Carts must be rolled out to the right-of-way with the arrows facing out to the street;
  • Leave four feet of space between the carts so the truck's mechanical "arm" can grip each cart;

  • Carts should be at least four feet away from power poles, mailboxes, fire hydrants, trees and cars.

Please note: Trash and recycling collection trucks are not allowed to go on private property for pick-up, unless special permission is granted by the Assistant Public Works Director.

Commercial Service

All multi-family residential (greater than four units total), office, institutional, educational, commercial and industrial uses shall have refuse collection through a dumpster system and may contract with any commercial service provider. Please note: Trash and recycling carts provided by the Town of Wake Forest are intended for residential properties only.

Yard Waste

Yard waste is described as vegetative matter resulting from landscaping maintenance performed by the homeowner only, including but not limited to leaves, twigs, grass, limbs, hedge clippings, hay/pine straw, pine cones, and logs.

Bulk Waste Pickup

Bulk Waste is defined as "refuse including appliances, furniture and other large items weighing in excess of 75 pounds each." All bulk waste pickups are provided on Tuesdays on an "as needed" basis. Bulk pickups are scheduled online.

Schedule a bulk waste pickup

Bulk pickups scheduled by 2 pm on Monday will receive service that Tuesday.

Phone Book Recycling

Area residents may dispose of their old phone books throughout the year in recycling carts.

Sanitation Billing

In 2008 the Wake Forest Board of Commissioners voted to add four cents to the property tax rate for the purpose of replacing the monthly residential garbage and recycling fee. Beginning in July 2008, the Town of Wake Forest began treating residential garbage and recycling service the same as fire and police service as part of your annual property tax bill.

Holiday Schedule

The Town of Wake Forest officially observes a number of holidays each year. On these occasions, town hall is closed and sanitation service schedules are often altered. Please refer to the Holiday Schedule for updated operating schedules.

Public Works

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