Fire Inspection FAQs

What is the official document that all Fire Inspections are conducted and enforced with in Wake Forest?

  • The applicable volume of the North Carolina State Fire Prevention Code and Chapter 16 of the Wake Forest Code of Ordinances.

What businesses or buildings are required to undergo periodic fire inspections in the Town of Wake Forest?

  • The least complicated way to answer this question is to identify which buildings (occupancies) that the North Carolina Fire Prevention Code does not apply to:
    • One and two family dwellings
    • Farm buildings

We didn’t ask for this inspection….Why does the Town require this fire inspection?

  • The State of North Carolina (G.S. 106A-411) requires cities and towns to conduct these inspections. “to preserve and protect public health and safety”.

Who conducts these fire inspections?

  • A Town of Wake Forest Fire Inspector; these inspectors have extensive training and experience in fire prevention, code enforcement, and apply first-hand knowledge to eliminate certain hazards that can endanger lives and property.

Will there be a fee charged for my fire inspection?

  • Effective 7/1/11, the square footage fee schedule for periodic fire inspections was dissolved. The fire inspector retains the ability to assess non-compliance fees (fines) as needed. Standard fines are $50 per violation item. Imminent life safety fines are $250 per violation item.

Can this inspection be conducted so it will not cause a disruption in my business operations?

  • Our fire inspectors will make reasonable efforts to coordinate appointments to accommodate your business needs. Please be aware that our fire inspections staff operate Mondays through Fridays, 8AM to 5PM.

What can we do to prepare for this inspection? In other words….What is the fire inspector going to look for during his inspection?

  • Here is a list of our most commonly identified fire code violations to assist you:

Combustible items in mechanical rooms and exit path ways.

Fire extinguishers need service or extinguishers are obstructed

Electric control panels blocked

Exit and emergency lighting doesn’t function when tested

Extension cord misuse(daisy chains, ran over or through walls)

Storage too close to the ceiling

Missing electric covers

Address numbers on buildings not posted or visible

Commercial kitchen hood systems need service

Fire Alarm system needs service

Fire Sprinkler system needs service

Fire doors propped open

The fire inspector left a Notice of Fire Code Violation, how much time can I have to correct the items on the list?

  • Our re-inspection process allows approximately 30 days to correct most violations listed on your notice. If there are any items remaining on the notice that will not be corrected before the re-inspection date, contact the fire inspector to discuss the situation. If you are making reasonable efforts to comply with the code requirements listed we will provide the opportunity to reschedule the re-inspection (within reason).

What if I don’t own the building…..Should I fix the violations on this report or give it to the building owner?

  • The fire inspection is based on the use of the building/occupancy so the fire inspector will issue the violation notice on that basis. A lease agreement will typically identify what items you and the building owner are responsible for. You’ll need to review this issue with the building owner.

What if I don’t correct the violation items on the Notice of Violation?

  • Be aware that uncorrected fire code violation items create unsafe conditions for anyone who may come into your place of business, even you. Initially our fire inspector will try to work with you through the corrections process so punitive measures will not be necessary. Failure to comply with this process can result in fines, and possible criminal charges.