Friendship Chapel Road Eastern Extension

Dunn Creek Greenway Detour
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In December 2023, Wellons Construction, Inc., a contractor working on behalf of JPM South, will begin construction on the Friendship Chapel Road (FCR) Eastern Extension.

The initiative entails extending FCR from Heritage Hills Way to Remey Avenue effectively connecting FCR from South Main Street/US 1A to Jones Dairy Road. 

This section of the greenway will extend through a pedestrian culvert under the future Friendship Chapel Road with some realignment to the original path. Users will not be required to travel over the new roadway extension.



Beginning Monday, Dec. 11, 2023, Wellons Construction will temporarily close a portion of the Dunn Creek Greenway in the vicinity of Wilts Dairy Point.

Signage and barricades will be posted to inform the public of the closure, as well as the signed detour directing trail users around the closure via Wilts Dairy Point, Friendship Chapel Road, and Heritage Lake Road.

Pedestrian access is expected to reopen in July 2024.


Dunn Creek Greenway

The Dunn Creek Greenway begins at the Smith Creek Soccer Center, 690 Heritage Lake Road, and extends north to the pedestrian culvert under Dr. Calvin Jones Highway/NC 98 Bypass.

Measuring one mile, the 10-foot wide paved and boardwalk trail is designed for biking, hiking, and enjoying nature. 

Friendship Chapel Road Eastern Extension
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