Area Lighting Service

This schedule is available for service supplied in the lighting of outdoor areas by means of mercury vapor or high pressure sodium vapor lighting units. Lighting units will be by bracket mounted on Town-owned poles, and the HPS will be color corrected.

This schedule is not available for the lighting of streets or highways.

Prior to installing area lighting facilities, Customer and the Town must enter into an agreement for Area Lighting Service. The service supplied by the Town will include the installation and operation, according to Town standards and requirements, of the area lighting units and will include the furnishing of electricity required for the illumination of the lamps from dusk to dawn. After Customer has notified the Town that a lamp is not burning, the Town will perform as soon as practicable, during regular business hours, the necessary maintenance to restore illumination. The rating of the lighting units listed under the Monthly Rate indicates the class of lamp.

Monthly Rate

  • Overhead Service

    • The basic rate per fixture defined in the chart will be billed for installation of standard area lighting fixtures on Town distribution system poles. The basic rate does not include the monthly charges for additional facilities, area lighting poles, underground service or any contribution required under this schedule.

Fixture Type

Fixture Source


Monthly Charge

(Wood Pole 1)

Monthly Charge (Round Pole 2)

Monthly Charge (Square Pole 3)

Additional Fixture on Pole (ea.)

Cut-off Cobra Head














Cut-off Shoebox














Open Air Security








Post Top Style T





*Post Top Type A (special order) (Decorative)








Concrete base charge


* The customer may choose an upgraded fixture and pole at the cost difference between Town cost of standard pole and fixture of their choice. The customer will be responsible for replacement costs in the future, if needed, for their choice in fixture and pole.

  • Underground Service

    • For underground service, the monthly bill will be increased by $3.62 per pole or, in lieu thereof, a one-time contribution of $181 per pole. The monthly pole charge, if selected, may be terminated at any time upon payment by Customer of the one-time contribution. The monthly pole charge defined below will also be applicable to underground service.

  • Special Area Lighting Poles

    • A special area lighting pole is any Town-owned pole installed as part of an area lighting system and on which no other Town overhead distribution facilities are installed except those necessary to provide service to an area lighting system.

Pole Type

Monthly Charge Per Pole



Metal or Post


Decorative Square Metal


Additional Facilities

  1. Multiple area lighting fixtures may be installed per pole subject to Town's review and approval. The monthly charge for each additional fixture will be the charge in accordance with the Monthly Rate for that fixture plus 2 percent (2%) of the estimated installed cost of the facilities necessary to serve the multiple fixture installation in excess of that normally required to provide standard area lighting service.

  2. For distribution transformer and/or primary conductor extension, 2 percent (2%) of the estimated installed cost of the required facilities.

  3. For an underground circuit in excess of 250 feet for an area lighting pole, 2 percent (2%) of the estimated installed cost of the excess circuit.

  4. For a metal pole, 2 percent (2%) of the estimated installed cost of overhead or underground metal poles requiring special construction or features which are in excess of the estimated installed cost of standard underground metal poles.

Non-Refundable Contribution

  1. In the event that rock, unstable soil, or other conditions require the use of materials and methods of installation other than Town's normal materials and methods, Customer will contribute the additional cost.

  2. Customer will contribute the estimated cost of installing cables under paved or landscaped surface areas; however, Customer may cut and replace the pavement or surface in lieu of making the contribution.

  3. Service supplied under the Monthly Rate in this schedule does not include the conversion of existing overhead secondary conductors to underground. Should Customer desire such conversion under the schedule, Customer will contribute to Town, in addition to the applicable contributions above, the estimated net loss in salvage value of the overhead facilities being removed. The Customer will thereafter pay the applicable rate for underground service.

Contract Period
The Contract Period shall not be less than three (3) years for overhead service and not less than five (5) years for underground service and shall extend from year to year thereafter until terminated by Customer or Customer may terminate the Agreement before the expiration of the initial Contract Period by paying to Town a sum of money equal to 40 percent (40%) of the bill which otherwise would have been rendered for the unexpired months of the initial Contract Period.

Town may require Customer to initially make termination deposit which will not exceed the termination amount computed in accordance with the above paragraph. Such termination deposit will be refunded in equal amounts at the end of each full year service is rendered. This annual refund will be the termination deposit divided by the number of years in the Contract Period.

Service rendered under this schedule is subject to the provisions of Town's Service Regulations.

Late Fees
The billing month is defined as the month when a bill is rendered for payment. Bills are due upon receipt. All bills not paid within fifteen (15) days from date of bill shall be subject to a late payment charge of $5.00 or 2% of the outstanding bill, whichever is greater.

Effective for billings rendered on or after Sept. 1, 2016