Play It Forward Wake Forest

Play It Forward
The Town of Wake Forest is embarking on the journey to update the 2015 Parks & Recreation Master Plan through its “Play It Forward Wake Forest” initiative coordinated by the Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources (PRCR) Department and PRCR Advisory Board.

“Play It Forward Wake Forest” urges all Wake Forest residents and visitors to provide input and support to enhance and expand the recreation opportunities for a growing community.

What is the Master Plan?

The Master Plan reflects the town's vision of a vibrant community that responds to the needs and desires of its residents and visitors for fun, healthy, exciting, and diverse activities.

The purpose of the plan is to look at where we are now, what the anticipated needs are for the future, and how we can improve and upgrade our existing facilities and programs to effectively serve residents and visitors in years to come.

Master Plan Update

Wake Forest is undertaking a year-long comprehensive process that will guide the development of the parks, recreation and cultural resources system over the next five years.

Residents, visitors, and stakeholders will have an opportunity to provide input throughout the process at the strategic milestones.

Get Involved!

The Town of Wake Forest encourages you to "Play It Forward" by staying active in this process. Visit this page and Engage Wake Forest often for information on future engagement opportunities to contribute to your parks and recreation master plan.

You're also invited to visit Engage Wake Forest to submit any questions or concerns you have using the "Share Your Feedback" form.

Community Engagement

Community input is the cornerstone of the Master Plan process. Since June 2023, the Town has utilized a variety of methods to engage the community and solicit its input to help shape the future of the PRCR Department.

Public Open House

The PRCR Department hosted two public meetings (drop-in style open houses) where attendees were asked for their input concerning the need for facilities, amenities, programs, and services – and how the Town of Wake Forest should prioritize its investments in recreational offerings. These open house sessions will take place according to the following schedule:

Scientific Survey

The project team mailed a survey to approximately 3,000 randomly selected households in Wake Forest. The questionnaire provided critical information in determining community values, satisfaction levels, needs, priorities, and demographics. Residents receiving the survey were encouraged to submit the mail-in survey or to use the link provided in the accompanying letter to submit the survey online.

Web-based Survey

After the project team received the required number of scientific survey responses, a web-based survey was released to the community to reach a broader audience and provide an opportunity for residents who were not selected in the random sample. The data obtained from the survey will be used to inform recommendations within the master plan.

Special Events

The project team and the PRCR Advisory Board organized an input session at the Lighting of Wake Forest on Friday, Dec. 1, 2023.

Focus Groups

The project team engaged with focus groups to evaluate the PRCR Department’s parks and recreation services across five user segments. Focus group participants were invited to weigh in on the extent to which Wake Forest parks and recreation facilities, programs, and services meet their unique needs.

Please be sure to "Play It Forward" by staying active in this process. Check this page often for information on future engagement opportunities to contribute to your parks and recreation master plan.