Beer & Wine Licenses

Privilege (Business) License

Effective July 1, 2015, a privilege license is no longer required.  

Business Link NC (BLNC), an extension of the N.C. Department of Commerce, has details on state licenses, permits and regulatory requirements. (North Carolina has no single business license covering all requirements)


Beer & Wine Licenses

  • Any business that sells Beer or Wine within the Town of Wake Forest limits must obtain a Beer & Wine License before selling any alcoholic beverages.

  • Businesses must first obtain temporary permits from the North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission.

  • Beer & Wine Licenses must be renewed prior to June 30 each year.

  • Beer & Wine License application

    • Note: All privilege license fees are 1/2 off the listed amount from Jan. 1 - June 30



  • Licenses must be renewed prior to July 1 of every year.

  • Beer & Wine licenses expire on June 30.

  • Renewal notices are mailed each year. If you do not receive a Beer & Wine License Renewal Notice by June 30, contact Wynne Gooding at 919-435-9465.

Beer & Wine Licenses
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