Urban Archery

In an effort to control the ever-increasing number of white tail deer in our area, the Wake Forest Board of Commissioners voted in February 2013 to approve an ordinance regulating bow hunting within the town limits.

The ordinance allows for the archery hunting of deer on privately owned, contiguous tracts of land that are at least five acres in size.

Other conditions within the code include the following:

  • Hunters must have all required state permits and must abide by all state hunting regulations;

  • Hunters must carry written permission from all property owner or owners – including whether they are hunting on continuous pieces of land that are owned by multiple people – and must display the written permission at the request of a law enforcement officer;

  • Arrows must be fired from at least 10 feet above the ground and toward the interior of the hunting parcel;

  • It is unlawful to discharge a bow within 50 yards of a dwelling house or road right of way;

  • It is also against the law to discharge a bow within 100 yards of any daycare, elementary or secondary school, church or town park.

View the urban archery ordinance.

Urban Archery