Do we host birthday parties at the fire station?

Wake Forest Fire Department is committed to serving the public with all of their needs and emergencies and we will assist families with making their birthdays as memorable as possible. We do not host parties but we do schedule station tours before or after the party so that the children and parents can enjoy the opportunity to see their local station equipment and meet the firefighters.

Do we offer community service hours?

We do not offer community service hours at this time.

Do we install car seats?

We do not install car seats; the Wake Forest Police Department has a program that will assist. For more information or to make an appointment, visit the Wake Forest Police Department's page at https://www.wakeforestnc.gov/police/services/child-safety-seats

Do we give away/install smoke detectors?

We do give smoke detectors to anyone that is in need of a one but it is dependent on our supply at the time. Please contact us ahead of time so that we can check our supply. For those in the community who are unable to install a smoke detector, we will assist with the installation.

What is Wake Forest's ISO rating?

Wake Forest Fire Department has two ISO districts. One is the Town district that is within the Town limits, this district is rated at a 1. Our other district is our rural district known as the “Wakette” district, this district is rated at a 2. There have been questions concerning distance from hydrants in the rural district that would impact their insurance ratings. If you live in the rural district, you’re an ISO class 2. The only exception for the rural district is if you live more than 5 miles from a Wake Forest Fire Department station. If you have any concerns or questions related to your insurance and our ISO rating, feel free to contact Chief Early.

Why does the fire truck go to the grocery store and does the department pay for meals?

Most of our Firefighters are on duty for 24 hours at a time. The fire station is a Firefighters home away from home and like anyone else, Firefighters need to eat at least three times a day. Most of the time the Firefighters go to the store in the morning and pick up their groceries that will get them through the day. The food that is purchased is paid for by the Firefighters that are working that day, the department does not supply food or the funds for their food.

What is the law on open burning inside the town limits of Wake Forest? (Patio chiminea, patio fireplace, etc.)

An portable outdoor fireplace (chiminea, patio fireplace) is allowed as long as it is at a one or two family dwelling (no apartments), 15 feet from a structure, must be constantly attended, and must have extinguishing equipment available for immediate utilization. Open burning is allowed within the town limits if certain criteria is met and a burn permit is obtained from the town. Please refer to www.wakeforestnc.gov for specifics for open burning inside town limits.

Do we assist in removing cats from trees?

As cliché as it may sound, we do get requests from the public to help in getting their animals out of a tree or other predicaments that they may have gotten themselves into. We consider any life, human or animal, worth saving. Our slogan, “Saving Lives, Our Prime Goal” says it all. 

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