Knox Homebox Program


The Wake Forest Fire Department will commemorate 2020 Fire Prevention Week (October 4-10) by introducing a program that provides firefighters with the safe and efficient entry they need into the homes of vulnerable residents during fires or medical emergencies.

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Knox HomeboxHow it Works

The Knox Homebox program involves homeowners buying a steel lock box and firefighters locking their house key in it. Fire crews have a master key that opens the box in the event of a medical emergency, fire or other urgent need.


Why it Matters

According to Fire Logistics Specialist David Davis, the program saves precious time for first responders and the potential expense of costly repairs for the homeowner due to forced entry.

“Our number one concern is getting inside the house to provide aid to someone who may be in trouble,” said Davis. “This program allows us to gain entry quickly without breaking down the door or breaking windows.”

Davis said the program also offers peace of mind for the homeowner and their families.

“When someone is injured inside their home or their house is on fire, every second counts,” he said. “Gaining access quickly can make all the difference.”



The lock box starts at $170, but as a value-added incentive, the Wake Forest Fire Department will install the box at no charge. To learn more, visit Knox Homebox.

Knox Homebox Program
Fire Logistics Specialist