Wake Forest High School Arrival & Dismissal



It's back to school time, and there are several important traffic patterns for the upcoming school year that Wake Forest High School parents, students and other drivers need to know. More specifically, there are morning and afternoon traffic patterns designed to help alleviate congestion and ensure the safety of students, faculty and staff.

Morning Arrival

For arrival in the morning, parents should follow the RED route, using only Wingate Street and Pine Avenue when approaching the school for student drop off. Parents should also enter the school campus then stack along Rock Spring Road. To help ensure student safety, please don't allow passengers to exit the vehicle until you have reached the designated drop-off area (highlighted on the map).

On the other hand, students should follow the BLUE route, using Juniper Avenue and Rock Spring Road to access the student parking areas.


Afternoon Dismissal

For afternoon dismissal, parents should again use only Wingate Street and Pine Avenue for student pickup. And this is important - If your student is not at the pickup area when you arrive at the curb, please continue moving your vehicle and circle the block again by going out Stadium Drive to Wingate Street to Pine Avenue. This will help ensure a consistent flow of traffic.

Upperclassmen leaving the parking garage must turn left onto Rock Spring Road. Also, upperclassmen, please be considerate and allow drivers from both garage exits to alternate as you leave.

Underclassmen leaving the gravel lot must turn right from Hipps Drive onto Rock Spring Road then onto Pine Avenue.


Rock Spring Road & the Front Parking Lot

For both arrival and dismissal at the school, please note that Rock Spring Road between Stadium Drive and Hipps Drive is treated as a one way street.

Additionally, the front parking lot is for buses and staff only during these times. No other parking will be permitted in this lot.

Thank you for your attention to these important new traffic patterns at Wake Forest High School.

Wake Forest High School Arrival & Dismissal