What's Up in Wake Forest

Monthly "E-News" transitions to weekly "What's Up in Wake Forest"

For nearly 15 years the Wake Forest Communications Department produced the monthly online newsletter "E-News." Recently, due to the ever-increasing array of programs and events the Town offers, we transitioned to a weekly e-newsletter called "What's Up in Wake Forest."

By providing useful information weekly instead of monthly, we intend to keep E-News and E-Notifier subscribers even more up to date on all that's happening in Wake Forest. Plus, by providing a comprehensive rundown of Wake Forest news and information in a single email each Friday, we are able to limit the number of E-Alerts and other email we direct to your inbox.

We recently unveiled our logo for "What's Up in Wake Forest" - shown left.

You can sign up to receive our weekly e-newsletter just as you do our other E-Notifier options by clicking the image on the right.

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