Addressing & Street Naming

Intersection signThe Development Services Section of the Planning Department is responsible for assigning new addresses in the incorporated areas as well as the Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) of the Town of Wake Forest. The Planning Department along with Wake County GIS reviews and approves all proposed street names to avoid duplication. Street names can be verified by accessing the Wake County real estate master file database on the Wake County webpage link below.

The addressing procedure is based on a logical progression of numbers starting at the Town's center, and is intended to avoid any address duplications across Wake County, in order to avoid any confusion for public service providers such as police, fire, refuse removal, and for private service delivery providers. Even numbers are generally assigned on the right (heading outward from the center) and odd numbers on the left. Addresses are usually assigned prior to building permit review or at a subdivision final plat review.

For more information and guidelines for road name approval you can visit the Wake County GIS or call the Wake County GIS Office at 919-856-6210 or write to:

Wake County GIS
P.O. Box 550
Raleigh, NC 27602


Addressing & Street Naming
Assistant Planning Director
Senior Planner - Development Services