Strategic Plan


Strategic Planning is a roadmap employed by many local governments to guide the use of money, personnel and resources to realize a shared vision of the future. It outlines what a community hopes to achieve through a long-term and annual goal-setting process and provides steps for reaching those goals.

As the Town of Wake Forest continues to grow and thrive, the Board of Commissioners aims to chart a course with a strategic plan which articulates a vision for our community's future that will ensure vitality and sustainability and fulfill its mission.

The Town is guided by a comprehensive strategic planning process. The board meets annually to refine the items that comprise the Town's strategic plan and to ensure that it is reflective of the changing needs of our growing community.

Strategic Plan Components

The strategic plan is comprised of three main areas that represent the Town's commitment to serving the community:

  1. Our core values (caring, commitment, integrity and innovation)

  2. Our five-year goals

  3. Our strategies to achieve those goals

This model aligns Town programs and spending with long-term goals, brings critical needs into focus and provides an organizational roadmap for success. The Town's strategic plan is a critical component of a larger system of planning for our organization's success, which also encompasses the annual budget process, citizen input, capital improvements, technology prioritization and financial planning.

2017-2022 Goals

Economic Development

Safe & Connected Community

Values-Based Organizational Culture

Fiscal Strength

Mission Statement

The Town of Wake Forest is committed to improving the quality of life in our community by preserving our character, fostering economic opportunities, strengthening our neighborhoods, delivering superior services and embracing the diversity of our citizens.


A vibrant and diverse community that provides superior public services, and an exceptional quality of life.

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Strategic Plan
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