Strategic Plan Update


The 2017 Wake Forest Strategic Plan articulated a vision for our community’s future and provided an action agenda to achieve its implementation. It also contained the mission, vision statements, goals, and strategies that guided the Town’s allocation and use of resources from 2017-2022.

Due to its importance and far-reaching impact, the Strategic Plan should be revised and updated at planned intervals. The last full plan was completed in 2017, so the time had come for a comprehensive update that will guide elected officials’ decisions over the next five years.


2022 Strategic Plan Update

The Wake Forest Board of Commissioners and Town staff, along with consultants from Raftelis, have finalized the 2022 Strategic Plan Update. 

2022 Strategic Plan Update

Setting the Goals

Information obtained through the following initiatives was instrumental in determining the goals in the updated plan:

  • Four Community Focus Groups

  • Environmental Scan of the community – identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

  • Consideration and alignment with citizen input into the draft Community Plan

  • Mayor and Commissioner interviews

  • Senior Leadership Team (Staff) workshop

  • Employee Surveys

  • Two Board of Commissioner workshops


Strategic Plan Update
Organizational Performance Director