Memorial Day Remembrance - Wall of Honor

Wall of Honor

In May, the Wake Forest Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources Department will present “Memorial Day Remembrance Walls of Honor” at E. Carroll Joyner Park, Alston-Massenburg Center, and Flaherty Park.

In recognition of the service and sacrifice of our men and women in uniform, these Walls of Honor will bear the names of as many as 500 veterans submitted by members of our community.

Honor a Veteran

From now through Friday, April 14, the PRCR Department will accept submissions, including the names of veterans, both living and deceased, along with the military branch in which they served, for inclusion on each wall.

Please note: Names incorporated on the Walls of Honor last year will be included again this year and do not need to be resubmitted.

Access the Submission Form

There is no cost and no limit to the number of veterans each person can submit. However, the maximum number of names that can be accepted is 500.

Memorial Day Remembrance - Wall of Honor
Recreation Center Manager - Joyner Park Community Center