Heritage High Soft Trail

Heritage High Soft Trail MapLocation: between Rogers Road and the Heritage High School

Trail Type: soft trail, natural surface

Length: approximately 0.8 mile

Parking: along Foundation Drive, outside of school hours

Amenities: none

In 2012, Town of Wake Forest staff and the Greenways Advisory Board worked with many volunteers, including students from the Heritage High School and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, to create a looped soft trail (not paved) that begins along Foundation Drive, the access road to the school. This trail was made possible by contributions and efforts provided by Progress Energy, Home Depot, Taylor Land Consultants, PLLC, The Nau Engineering Group and Stewart Engineering, Inc. The school's engineering students learned from and worked with a local engineering firm and Town Inspections Department staff as they designed, permitted and constructed the footbridge. The school's agriculture and carpentry students worked together to construct the trail.

Jan Ammons, Greenway Advisory Board president, mentored the volunteers in this project and coordinated construction efforts with town staff. In honor of National Trails Day, the Wake Forest Greenways Advisory Board held a dedication ceremony for this soft trail on June 6, 2012.

Any one is welcome to use the trail which now connects to Rogers Road. The school's cross country team uses the trail for practice.

Very limited parking is available at the dead-end of Foundation Road outside of school hours.