Unified Development Ordinance

udographicThe Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) combines into a single document the town's zoning, subdivision, land use, grading, storm water management, and historic preservation regulations.

Latest version of the UDO December 2020

Unified Development Ordinance - complete document

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Purpose & Applicability

Chapter 2: District Provisions

Chapter 3: Supplemental Use Standards

Chapter 4: General Provisions for All Districts

Chapter 5: Building Design Standards

Chapter 6: Subdivision & Infrastructure Standards

Chapter 7: Recreation Facility Fees, Parks & Open Space Land

Chapter 8: Tree Protection, Buffers & Landscaping

Chapter 9: Parking & Driveways

Chapter 10: Lighting

Chapter 11: Signs

Chapter 12:  Erosion, Flood, Stormwater & Watershed Standards 

Chapter 13: Nonconformities

Chapter 14: Administrative Agencies

Chapter 15: Administration

Chapter 16: Violations & Penalties

Chapter 17: Definitions

Appendix A: Typical Development Review Process Chart

The UDO is has been prepared to make land use regulations easy to locate, including graphics, tables, and images to help clarify the rules and expectations.   It contains a simplified use table, new standards for architectural design, enhanced requirements for the dedication of public open space, and clear supplemental use requirements that reduce the reliance on unpredictable Special Use Permits and other laborious permit processes.


Maps, Manuals & More

Zoning maps, the Manual of Specifications, Standards and Details (MSSD), & official planting list can be viewed at the following links: 

Zoning Map

Overlay District Map

Manual of Specifications, Standards and Details (MSSD)

Official Planting List


Unified Development Ordinance
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