A wide variety of skills are needed to plan, develop and maintain the beautiful and safe network of greenways in our town.

General Maintenance

Town greenways are maintained by the Wake Forest Parks & Recreation Department. For issues or questions regarding any of the following, contact Josh Glover at 919-554-6184.

  • Landscaping, mowing and planting

  • Trash or pet waste receptacles

  • Graffiti removal

  • Structures in need of repair

  • Vandalism

  • Dead or downed trees, contact Jennifer Rall at 919-435-9565.

Construction & Improvements

Planning for the town greenway system is conducted by the Planning Department. For questions regarding efforts to improve and expand paved and unpaved greenways, contact Suzette Morales at 919-435-9510.

  • Existing and future greenway improvements

  • Parking

  • Trailheads

  • Amenities

  • Trail markers

  • Trail clean-up

  • Beautification projects

Water Issues

The town's Engineering Department oversees stream buffers and stormwater issues. For water-related questions, please contact Holly Miller at 919-435-9443.

  • Greenway flooding

  • Standing water

  • Slick spots on greenway surfaces

  • Stream bank erosion

  • Stream clean-up

Safety Issues

To report safety issues along greenways, please call the non-emergency line 919-554-6150. For emergencies, call 911.
  • Motorized vehicles operating on greenways or in stream buffers

  • Witnessing acts of vandalism

  • Report suspicious activity