Police Officer Employment

The following is a general progression of the application process and will indicate where a candidate is in the hiring process:

  1. Complete an application of employment for the Town of Wake Forest online through Jobvite. A North Carolina Training and Standards Personal History Statement (F3) will not be required as part of the initial application process;

  2. Pre-screening of applications for disqualifying offenses or conduct;

  3. Entry level written and physical agility testing will be conducted;

  4. Submission of F-3 and supplemental paperwork for all applicants proceeding to panel interview;

  5. Panel interview;

  6. Truth Verification Examination;

  7. Comprehensive Background Investigation;

  8. Extension of conditional offer for qualified applicants with command interview; and

  9. Physical examination, psychological fitness testing and drug screening.

Training & Experience

All applicants must be a high school graduate or have successfully completed a General Education Development (GED) program; however, applicants with university or college degrees are highly desired.

All applicants must possess a valid law enforcement certification from the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission or be enrolled in a North Carolina Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) course in order to be considered for employment.

Additional Benefits

  • Take home patrol car program

  • Career ladder program

  • Wellness / physical fitness program

Police Officer Starting Salaries Based on Experience

  • $48,781 - No prior sworn law enforcement experience

  • $50,001 - Minimum of three years' prior full-time sworn law enforcement experience

  • $51,220 - Five years' or more of prior full-time sworn law enforcement experience.

Additions to Salaries

  • 2.5% - Associate's degree 

  • 5% - Bachelor's degree 

  • 2.5% - NC Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission Advanced Certificate 

  • 5% - Automatic salary increase after six months of employment with the Town of Wake Forest 

  • 5% - Fluent in Spanish 

  • $1000 - Wellness bonus for "Superior" performance of POPAT (Police Officer's Physical Abilities Test) three times a year

Pay Scale








Police Officer I







Police Officer II







Officer First Class







Master Officer







Senior Officer












































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