Police Officer Employment

The following is a general progression of the application process and will indicate where a candidate is in the hiring process:

  1. Complete an application of employment for the Town of Wake Forest online through Jobvite. A North Carolina Training and Standards Personal History Statement (F3) will not be required as part of the initial application process;

  2. Pre-screening of applications for disqualifying offenses or conduct;

  3. Entry level written and physical agility testing will be conducted;

  4. Submission of F-3 and supplemental paperwork for all applicants proceeding to panel interview;

  5. Panel interview;

  6. Truth Verification Examination;

  7. Comprehensive Background Investigation;

  8. Extension of conditional offer for qualified applicants with command interview; and

  9. Physical examination, psychological fitness testing and drug screening.

Training & Experience
All applicants must be a high school graduate or have successfully completed a General Education Development (GED) program; however, applicants with university or college degrees are highly desired.

All applicants must possess a valid law enforcement certification from the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission or be enrolled in a North Carolina Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) course in order to be considered for employment.

Residency Requirement
All officers must live within a thirty (30) mile radius of the contiguous town limits of Wake Forest. Applicants who do not live within the thirty mile limit will have one year from the date of hire to move within the limit.

Additional Benefits

  • Take home patrol car program

  • Career ladder program

  • Wellness / physical fitness program

Police Officer Starting Salaries Based on Experience

  • $42,957 - No prior sworn law enforcement experience

  • $44,031 - Minimum of three years' prior full-time sworn law enforcement experience

  • $45,105 - Five years' or more of prior full-time sworn law enforcement experience.


Additions to Salaries

  • 2.5% - Associate's degree 

  • 5% - Bachelor's degree 

  • 2.5% - NC Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission Advanced Certificate 

  • 5% - Automatic salary increase after six months of employment with the Town of Wake Forest 

  • 5% - Fluent in Spanish 

  • $1000 - Wellness bonus for "Superior" performance of POPAT (Police Officer's Physical Abilities Test) three times a year

Pay Scale








Police Officer I







Police Officer II







Officer First Class







Master Officer







Senior Officer