The Town of Wake Forest maintains the Wake Forest Cemetery, 400 N. White St., as well as other cemeteries along East Walnut Avenue and North Taylor Street.

PLEASE NOTE: The cemetery plots at the Wake Forest Cemetery are sold out.


Niche Columbarium

The cemetery's  niche columbarium is designed for friends and family who wish to be cremated. Constructed of limestone, the two-sided structure stretches approximately eight feet long and features five horizontal rows and 10 vertical columns of niches on each side.

Measuring 6.75 inches by 6.75 inches and 14.75 inches deep, each niche will hold two polished, sheet bronze urns which are included in the purchase price.

Niche Pricing

In-Town resident - $900 per niche

Out-of-Town resident - $2,000 per niche

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cemetaryMemorial Wall

The town has also introduced a new memorial wall to honor friends and family members who may be interred elsewhere. The two-sided memorial wall features six horizontal rows and 10 vertical columns of memorial facing stone on each side.

Engraved memorial wall placards cost $250 each and include the person's name, birth date, date of death and options for religious symbols.

Historical Listings & Virtual Tour

Wake Forest Cemetery Historical Listings (PDF) - historical information about people buried in the cemetery and how to find their gravesite

Wake Forest Cemetery Virtual Tour - learn about some of the notable people buried in the cemetery


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400 N. White St.