Free Public WiFi

The Town of Wake Forest has launched free wireless Internet service in downtown Wake Forest.

Free downtown WiFi now makes it possible for residents and visitors to use the Internet outdoors along portions of South White Street, South Brooks Street and South Taylor Street using their smart phones, tablets and laptops. The network is not designed to penetrate through buildings, so users will be unable to access the Internet in their homes or businesses via WiFi.

Internet connectivity is strongest in the vicinity of the following access points, installed on various downtown facilities and utility poles:

  • Wake Forest Renaissance Centre, 405 S. Brooks St.

  • Wake Forest Police Department Main Station, 225 S. Taylor St.

  • Wake Forest Police Department Substation, 221 S. Brooks St.

  • Wake Forest Town Hall (Brooks Street and Taylor Street entrances), 301 S. Brooks St.

  • Town of Wake Forest Facilities Building, 301 S. Brooks St.

  • Wake Forest Area Chamber of Commerce, 350 S. White St.

  • B&W Hardware, 232 S. White St.

  • Wake Forest Coffee Co., 156 S. White St.

  • Bodega's Tapas, Wine & Rum, 110 S. White St.

  • Wake Forest Bus Service Park and Ride Lot, intersection of South White Street and Elm Avenue

Users can access the WiFi without a password. After selecting the network - TWFPublic - users will be required to read and accept the user policy. From there, they will be free to roam the Internet. However, content filters are in place to restrict users from accessing certain websites.

Access to the WiFi service is free for up to 90 minutes after which time users will be required to repeat the log in process.

The total cost to the town was approximately $26,000.

By providing free WiFi service in downtown Wake Forest, the Town has addressed Objective G in Goal 2 of the town's strategic plan: Promote the use of technology to enhance our community.


Free Public WiFi
Chief Information Officer