Engineering Fees

The following are the Town of Wake Forest Engineering FY2021 fee schedule for Construction Inspection and Land Disturbance. All Construction Inspection fees are collected prior Construction Drawing Signature and Land Disturbance Fees are collected at submittal of Land Disturbance Permit application. All other development fees are administered by the Town of Wake Forest Planning Department.

Construction Inspection

Construction Inspection fees are collected via check during the construction drawing approval process. 

  • Roadway Inspection (Public) -$1.75 linear foot per lane

  • Roadway Inspection /Alley (Private) - $1.00 per linear foot

  • Curb and Gutter - $1.25 linear foot per side

  • Storm Drainage - $1.50 per linear foot

  • Minimum $500 < 500 feet

  • Sidewalk - $1.00 per linear foot

  • Greenway - $1.00 per linear foot

  • Detached Single Family Driveway - $100/curb cut

  • Detached Single Family Driveway Reinspection - $75/curb cut

  • Townhome Driveway - $75/curb cut

  • Townhome Driveway Re-inspection - $50/curb cut

Land Disturbance/Erosion Sediment Control

There are two fees associated with grading and earthwork. The UDO outlines when fees are required. Fees will be assessed at the time of plot plan submittal and collected through IDT. An overview is provided below.  

Land Disturbance


 Required for developments over half an acre

Rounded up to the nearest whole acre

Individual Lot Erosion and Sediment Control 


Required for properties under half an acre 

Charged on an individual lot basis

Stormwater Inspections

Review of Stormwater Control Measures (SCM), their calculations, and field inspections. 

SCM Review


Assessed individually

Collection during construction inspection process

Storm-Water Management Re-Inspections Fee 


Note: Town of Wake Forest fees are subject to change without notice. Please contact Public Works to confirm current fees and charges.


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