How to Stay Involved

NCDOT staff and project consultants will begin work on final design for Rogers Road in late spring/early summer 2017. The Project Teams will consider the comments received during the public meetings as they work to develop final design.

Work on the final designs for Ligon Mill Road will not begin until a funding source has been identified.

After the designs are finalized, NCDOT right-of-way agents will contact property owners impacted by the proposed designs. A description of right-of-way and relocation procedures is provided below.

Right-of-Way Procedures
After decisions are made regarding the final design, the proposed right-of-way limits will be staked in the ground. If you are an affected property owner, a Right-of-Way Agent will contact you and arrange a meeting. The agent will explain the plans and advise you as to how the project will affect you. The agent will inform you of your rights as a property owner. If permanent right-of-way is required, professionals who are familiar with real estate values will evaluate or appraise your property. The evaluations or appraisals will be reviewed for completeness and accuracy, and then the Right-of-Way Agent will make a written offer to you. The current market value of the property at its highest and best use, when appraised, will be offered as compensation.

The Department of Transportation must:

  • Treat all owners and tenants equally

  • Fully explain the owner's rights

  • Pay just compensation in exchange for property rights

  • Furnish relocation advisory assistance

Relocation Assistance
If you are a relocatee, that is, if your residence or business is to be acquired as part of the project, additional assistance in the form of advice and compensation is available. You will also be provided with assistance regarding locations of comparable housing and/or commercial establishments, moving procedures, and moving aid. Moving expenses may be paid for you. Additional monetary compensation is available to help homeowners cope with mortgage increases, increased value of comparable homes, closing costs, etc. A similar program is available to assist business owners. The Right-of-Way Agent can explain this assistance in greater detail. Pamphlets are available at the sign-in table. And, information about the right-of-way process can also be found here: .

Stay Connect
Stay connected by contacting any of the following NCDOT staff with your questions, comments, or concerns:

  • James Bridges, P.E.
    NCDOT Rail Division
    Rail Project Development Manager
    1553 Mail Service Center
    Raleigh, NC 27699-1553

  • Brad Smythe, P.E.
    NCDOT Rail Division
    enior Project Design Engineer
    1556 Mail Service Center
    Raleigh, NC 27699-1556

  • Jamille Robbins
    CDOT Public Involvement
    Public Involvement Group Leader
    1598 Mail Service Center
    Raleigh, NC 27699-1598