Protecting Your Power


Find out how Wake Forest Power keeps your energy flowing safely and reliably - and how you can help.

Tree Trimming

To help prevent weather-related service interruptions or outages, Wake Forest Power regularly trims trees that are conflicting with power lines.

Landscaping Around Electric Equipment

When changing your existing landscape or putting in an entire yard, please consider the proper placement of trees and shrubs around utility equipment.

Power Surges

Find out what causes power surges and learn the best way to protect your home electronics against damaging voltage fluctuations.

Energy Theft

Energy theft is the illegal practice of manipulating or bypassing electric meters to avoid paying for some or all of the service used. Learn why it's dangerous and how to report energy theft.

Two Power Trucks working on a power pole

Utility Work Zones

For your safety and to protect utility employees, please use caution when driving in a utility work zone.

Poles & Posters

Poles & Posters Don't Mix - Signs on utility poles often leave leftover nails, staples or tacks that are a danger to the line workers who need to climb the poles.


North Carolina 811, a non-profit organization funded by its member facilities, takes locate information from anyone engaged in excavation activities. NC811 provides a toll free number, 1-800-632-4949, that can be reached from anywhere in the continental United States or you may dial 811 within North Carolina.

Protecting Your Power
Electric Systems Division Manager