Floor Plans & Parking

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Wake Forest Town Hall

The Town of Wake Forest will soon relocate to its new town hall at 301 S. Brooks St. The police department will remain at 225 S. Taylor St., while Public Works will maintain its headquarters at the Operations Center, located at 234 Friendship Chapel Road.

Ground Floor
The ground floor of the new 44,000 square-foot facility will include the Inspections Department and a large meeting room. People wishing to conduct business with the Inspections Department will be able to enter the ground floor from Taylor Street, located behind town hall.

First Floor
Customer Service, Finance, Parks & Recreation, and Human Resources are located on the first floor which is accessible from the main entrance of town hall on South Brooks Street.

Second Floor
The Board Chambers, the offices of the Town Manager, Deputy Town Manager, Town Clerk, Downtown Development Director and Communications & Public Affairs Director, as well as the Communications and MIS departments, are located on the second floor of the new building. Several conference rooms and the Wake Forest TV 10 broadcast booth are also on the second floor.

Third Floor
Planning and Engineering are housed on the third floor.

On-site parking is available for all customers in the town hall parking lot, located on South Brooks Street. Additional parking is permitted in marked spaces along South Brooks and South Taylor Streets.

People wishing to conduct business with Inspections are encouraged to park in the designated spaces along Taylor Street, located behind town hall, and access the ground floor from the Taylor Street entrance.