Tree of the Year

2024 Tree of the Year

The Urban Forestry Division (UFD) is celebrating Arbor Day this year by again offering a contest tree lovers across Wake Forest are sure to love.

The UFD recently solicited nominations from residents for the 2024 Tree of the Year award. Trees were nominated for their size, species, historic significance, personal meaning, community benefit or general notoriety - but they had to be located within the Wake Forest town limits..


Tree of the Year Candidates

The following trees were selected as finalists for the 2024 Tree of the Year Award. 

Community members are invited to vote on their favorite tree through 5 p.m. Friday, April 19. The tree that receives the most votes will be announced as the winner. The submitter of the winning tree will be awarded with a certificate crowning their tree as the 2024 Wake Forest Tree of the Year.

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The previous owners of the Reid Estate at the corner of West Sycamore and South Wingate told us that this was the oldest Cherry Tree in Wake County (we can’t verify this). This tree was probably planted in 1926 when Dr. Reid built the house so it is soon to be 100. She is a very old girl but once a year in early spring she produces the most angelic whitish pink blossoms.
The twisted magnolia stands guard over the prayer garden behind the railroad tracks and hope floats in the air. 
This tree stands out on the corner with a gracious spread and is just plain pretty to look at. It has beautiful delicate white flowers in spring and an elegant pleasing form when bare in the winter. It looks graced and elegant.
As people enter the historic Wake Forest Cemetery they are greeted by this magnificent tree which can serve to brighten the mood.
My daughter, Brooke, is nominating her favorite tree that she has named Birch. She is nominating Birch for the following reasons. "Birch is special because he will always be the perfect size for me. He is also beautiful in the spring and summer, and Birch has the perfect branches in winter for Christmas decorations!"
Tree of the Year
Urban Forestry Program Manager