Tree of the Year

2021 Tree of the Year

The Urban Forestry Division (UFD) is celebrating Arbor Day this year by introducing a new program tree lovers across Wake Forest are sure to love. In April, the UFD accepted nominations from residents for the 2021 Tree of the Year award. Trees could be nominated for their size, species, historic significance, personal meaning, community benefit or general notoriety - but they must be located within the Wake Forest town limits..


Tree of the Year Candidates

The following trees were selected as finalists for the 2021 Tree of the Year Award. Submitters' comments are shown under each photo.

Voting is closed. During the week of May 3, community members were invited to vote on their favorite tree. The tree that receives the most votes by 2 p.m. Friday, May 7, will be announced as the winner. The submitter of the winning tree will be awarded with a certificate crowning their tree as the Wake Forest 2021 Tree of the Year.


Red Maple

After a paddle to the back of the reservoir was greeted by this tree along with turtles and ducks. The tree caught my eye and stood out at the edge of the water.

Willow Oak - Holding

It is a large beautiful specimen. It’s branches spread magnificently shading a large portion of the park and the rain garden. I’ve spent a lot of time looking up into its branches marveling at the loveliness. I believe it was planted by professors from the original wake forest college.”

Willow Oak - Senior Center

***2021 Tree of the Year***

This tree is right across the street from our house. We get to look at “Broccolini” everyday. We love that Broccolini was saved during the senior center construction and feel this tree enhances the landscape of Wake Forest. Broccolini makes us happy and we hope that this nomination will allow others to see how great and majestic Broccolini is!

Deodar Cedar

Not only is this a beautiful tree, but it stands out. Sitting on the traffic island by itself, it seems to have a majestic quality about it. The random shape and the fact that it is green all year round help it speak to each person that passes. While running in the Gobbler Run each Thanksgiving, it is close to the halfway point so it gives one inspiration to keep going. In addition to all this, it is the logo for the Town of Wake Forest.

Grand Willow Oak

When we saw the property on Main Street for the Garden Market, it was the large Willow Oak in the rear that made us feel it was the right location to grow our future. Much has changed, our business has come and gone, and now in its place is the Giving Tree. How fitting is that? Today, the Willow Oak creates a micro-climate for our Bonsai collection and gardens. Surrounded by a moss path, grasses, and a small deck with a picnic table, a perfect place to sit and enjoy the company of family and friends. No matter what has happened in the world that day, there is no better feeling of renewal than to wander the gardens on a summer evening under the canopy of our Majestic Willow Oak.

Tulip Magnolia

It usually does not get to show its beauty because it blooms Late February early March; however this year it put on a show. It was well worth the clean up as the beautiful pink petals Covered the yard and driveway. Folks walking on our street stopped to comment on it.

Willow Oak

This tree has been a mainstay of the town hall long before it was built. I believe it could be 50+ years old.

Deodar Cedar

The Deodar Cedar I am nominating should have been selected as the official town tree & logo Deodar Cedar as it exhibits all the supreme stateliness the species is best known for.

Weeping Hemlock

It was planted about 10 years ago by the initial landscaper. We are second owners. Love the shape, evergreen and draping branches. Wishing it were in a prominent location in our yard.

Black Cherry

I felt that it represented how beautiful a black cherry could be with its form and size

Tree of the Year
Urban Forestry Coordinator