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waterThis page was created to help keep Wake Forest residents informed about issues, programs, and services that may affect them as City of Raleigh water customers.

For questions or concerns about Water & Sewer service, contact Raleigh Water (formerly City of Raleigh Public Utilities Department) at 919-996-3245.

Wake Forest & Raleigh Water & Sewer Merger

In July 2005 the Town of Wake Forest and the City of Raleigh merged their water and sewer systems. In accordance with the regional utility plan, the City of Raleigh assumed sole responsibility for operating, maintaining, improving and expanding the water and wastewater collection system that serves the Town of Wake Forest. Since then, the two municipalities have worked together to refine a schedule of upgrades and improvements to Wake Forest's water and sewer system.

The City of Raleigh owns and operates the water and wastewater system that provides service to residents within the urban service area designated for the Town of Wake Forest. The town retained authority concerning when and where new water and sewer services can be extended to support growth and development within its planning and zoning jurisdiction, subject to conditions in the inter-local agreement.

The utility merger was part of a larger initiative to merge the utilities of central and eastern Wake County. The purpose of the utility mergers was to provide the towns' customers with the benefits of economies of scale recognized with being part of a much larger system, and to provide the towns with adequate water and sewer capacity for continued economic growth.


Project Share

The Project Share Contribution Program provides emergency funds to utility residents in a crisis, who are unable to pay their water, solid waste, recycling, and stormwater bills. It is funded by customer and corporate donations. Of the funds contributed to Project Share, 100% stay in the service area and help customers located in Raleigh, Garner, Knightdale, Rolesville, Wake Forest, Wendell and Zebulon. 

For more information, email Utility Bill Help or call 919-996-3333.


Automatic In-Ground Irrigation Systems

In 2012 the Board of Commissioners agreed to allow the issuance of new permits for the construction of manual or automatic in-ground irrigation systems within the Town of Wake Forest. The decision overturned a ban enacted in 2008 that prohibited the connection of all manual or automatic in-ground irrigation systems to the City of Raleigh's public potable water system. For more information, call the Inspections Department at 919-435-9531 or visit their permitting website.


Utility Bill Calculator

Utility Bill Calculator - Input your monthly consumption and meter size and receive an estimate for your monthly water and sewer bill.


Utility Rates, Deposits & Fees

Utility Rates, Deposits & Fees - Review and understand your utility rates billed by the City of Raleigh.


Utility Payments

Utility Payments - Each month the City of Raleigh bills all water and sewer accounts formerly billed by the Town of Wake Forest. All other City of Raleigh water and sewer accounts – excluding the Town of Wake Forest service area – are billed every other month. Payments to the City of Raleigh should be mailed as specified on the City of Raleigh bill. However, Wake Forest residents may make water/sewer bill payments in person at the Wake Forest Town Hall, 301 S. Brooks St.


Water Conservation & Efficiency

The City of Raleigh has initiated several programs to help educate customers about the most water efficient technologies and to understand the City's mandatory water conservation & efficiency measures.



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