Winter Weather

Taylor street Covered in Snow near Town HallThis page provides information concerning Town of Wake Forest operations during severe winter weather. Please reserve 911 for imminent threats to people or property.


Winter Weather Terms

  • Watch: a winter storm is possible; stay tuned to local and social media for tips and updates.

  • Advisory: conditions are expected to cause major delays and may be hazardous; use caution.

  • Warning: a winter storm is occurring or will occur soon.


Reporting Power Outages

Wake Forest Power

Duke Energy Progress

Wake Electric
919-863-6499 or 800-743-3155


Winter Storm Tips

  • Prepare for possible power loss: add warm clothes to an emergency kit, check flashlight and radio batteries, charge (and keep charged) mobile devices, fill car fuel tank, get emergency cash (ATMs may not work in a power outage).

  • Stay tuned to local and social media for updated weather and travel information.

  • Dress warmly for the cold. Wear multiple layers of thin clothing instead of a single layer of thick clothing.

  • Only use generators in open areas away from windows and home to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Do not burn charcoal indoors.

  • Keep alternative heating sources and fire extinguishers on hand. Be sure your family knows how to use them.

  • Bring pets/animals inside and make sure their drinking water is not ice.

  • Always keep at least a three-day supply of water and non-perishable food in your home.

  • Do not park on streets so plows and other town equipment can service the area.

  • Stay away from power lines that have fallen or are sagging. Consider all power lines energized, as well as trees or limbs in contact with power lines. Please report downed power lines to Wake Forest Power. If a power line falls across a car you're in, stay in the car. If you MUST get out of the car due to a fire or other immediate life-threatening situation, do your best to jump clear of the car and land on both feet. Be sure no part of your body is touching the car when your feet touch the ground.

  • Do not call 911 unless there is an emergency posing an immediate threat to life, health, or property.

  • Be a good neighbor. Check on your neighbors to make sure everyone is OK.

  • Stay indoors during severe winter weather. If you decide to venture out - whether walking or driving - let someone know when you are leaving and where you are going, so they can contact emergency officials should you fail to reach your destination. Take a cell phone just in case.


Frozen Pipes

During periods of colder weather, the Town of Wake Forest and Raleigh Water typically field calls from customers reporting broken water pipes. When pipes break between the water meter and the home or within the home, the customer is responsible for repairs. Since Raleigh Water operates and maintains Wake Forest's water system, it is responsible for repairing any damage to pipes between the water main under the street and the meter, or in the main itself, which rarely happens since water runs continuously in the mains.

For more information, call Raleigh Water weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. at 919-996-3245. On nights and weekends, call 919-829-1930. 

Here are some tips to help keep pipes from freezing:

  • Have regular pipe maintenance done - at least once year.

  • Regularly change filters around the house.

  • Drip a faucet so pipes don't burst. (Drip only one faucet in the house. Choose one close to an exterior wall so pipes don't freeze)

  • Open cabinet doors where pipes are so they can feel the heat from the home.

  • Turn off the outdoor sprinkler system.

  • Detach the water hose from the outdoor faucet.


Stay Informed

Weather-related updates are posted on the town's Facebook page and Severe Weather Updates web page.

E-Notifier subscribers will receive timely E-Alerts informing them of any schedule changes

Smart phone users who have downloaded the Town of Wake Forest app will receive real-time push notification messages. Download the Wake Forest app here or search for "Town of Wake Forest" on iTunes, in the iPhone app store or in Google Play.


Carbon Monoxide

Provide adequate ventilation for heat sources using fossil fuels. Never use grills inside home or garage.

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