For the safety and comfort of all animals and handlers, please follow these Rules of Conduct:

Hours: Dawn to Dusk

  • Dogs must wear a collar with current rabies and ID tags and be current on all required vaccinations.

  • Dogs must be at least 6 months old.

  • Dogs in heat are prohibited.

  • Dogs must be on a maximum 6-foot leash prior to entering and upon leaving the facility.

  • Dogs must be within sight and under voice control of owner at all times.

  • Dogs showing aggression must be immediately removed.

  • Owners must collect and dispose of all dog waste.

  • Owners must remove their dogs from the facility during periods of general park maintenance

    • Dog waste stations are cleaned and trash receptacles are emptied daily between 8 am and 10 am.

    • The park will be closed for approximately 30 minutes to allow maintenance staff to safely perform these duties.

  • Animals other than dogs are prohibited.

  • Dogs are not allowed to dig. If they do, the owner must cover the hole.

  • Children under age 12 must be supervised by an adult.

  • No food (animal food or people food), treats, or bones are allowed inside the fenced area.

  • No littering: wrappers and other litter can be eaten by dogs and cause a choking or digestion hazard which can be life-threatening.

  • No smoking inside the dog park.

  • No strollers, bicycles, tricycles, big-wheels, wagons, or roller-blades are allowed in the dog park, except wheelchairs used by people with physical challenges.

  • Wear shoes at all times.

  • Use the park at your own risk.

  • For more information, call (919) 435-9560 (between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.)