Facebook & Social Media

The Town of Wake Forest created a profile on the popular social networking site Facebook to assist with its outreach and communication efforts.

The Town's Facebook profile is an innovative way of sharing information with area residents who are linked in to the site. Facebook users can join networks organized by city, workplace, school, and region to connect and interact with other people.

Anyone who is interested can "like" the Town of Wake Forest and allow information to come directly from the Town to their own Facebook profile.

"Fans" of the Town of Wake Forest will be able to find out about upcoming events, learn about important town news, check out photos from around the community and much more.

Current Facebook users who want to become "fans" of the Town of Wake Forest can search for the Town of Wake Forest profile on the site, and click the link to "become a fan" or click the icon above.

Twitter & Instagram

The Town of Wake Forest, Wake Forest Renaissance Centre, Wake Forest Power, Wake Forest Police Department and Wake Forest Fire Department use Twitter and sometimes  Instagram to keep residents informed about programs, services and special events. 

Town of Wake Forest
  • Facebook: Town of Wake Forest, NC  (@TownofWakeForest) 

  • Instagram: Town of Wake Forest (@TownofWakeForest)

  • Twitter: Wake Forest, NC (@WakeForest_NC)

  • LinkedIn: Town of Wake Forest, NC

Renaissance Center
  • Facebook: Wake Forest Renaissance Centre (@WFRenaissanceCentre)

  • Instagram: Wake Forest Renaissance Centre (@WakeForestRenCen)

  • Twitter: WFRenaissanceCentre (@WFRenCen)

Wake Forest Power
  • Facebook:  Wake Forest Power (@WakeForestPower)

  • Twitter: Wake Forest Power (@WakeForestPower)

  • Facebook: Wake Forest Police Department (@WakeForestPoliceDepartment) 

  • Instagram: Wake Forest Police Department (@wakeforestpolice)

  • Twitter: Wake Forest Police (@WakeForestPD)

  • Facebook: Wake Forest Fire Department (@WFFire)   

  • Instagram: Wake Forest Fire Department (@wakeforestfire)

  • Twitter: Wake Forest Fire (@wakeforestfire)


Facebook & Social Media
Communications & Public Affairs Director