Spotlight on Wake Forest Artists

Wake Forest Guild Artists, local students and  artists residing in Wake Forest were invited to submit one piece of original art to the "Spotlight on Wake Forest Artists Contest."  

An Artist Selection Committee comprised of arts professionals and representatives of the Town of Wake Forest, the Public Art Commission and Wake Forest Downtown, along with professional artists who do not reside within Wake Forest selected the works. Each was scanned into an electronic image and reproduced in brick vinyl. The vinyl was then be applied to the facade of the designated buildings in downtown Wake Forest. A plaque with information about the artist is located near the art panel. 

Each of the selected artists received a $100 stipend.

Wake Forest Public Art Commission

The Town of Wake Forest Public Art Commission develops and implements public art programs to increase public access to the arts, provides opportunities for artists to display their work, and promotes public understanding and awareness of the arts. The Commission was established in 2010. It consists of 9 community member-volunteers appointed by the Town Board of Commissioners. The Town's Percent for Art Program, established by a 2010 Ordinance, allocates one percent of selected capital improvement projects for the creation and maintenance of works of public art. Funding for the Percent for Art projects comes from each project's construction budget.


Spotlight on Wake Forest Artists
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