Commercial Permits & Inspections

Please review the following information before beginning your commercial project.

Inspection Requirements

  • Approved stamped plans must be on site for all inspections.

  • Any changes to the approved plans that cannot be handled by the field inspector will require approval and must be stamped by this office. All changes must be sealed by the appropriate engineer. The plan change fee is $500.

  • Most Wake Forest inspections can be performed the next day if requested by 3 p.m. Inspection requests can be made by calling (919) 435-9531 or by visiting the Inspections Department on the ground floor of Wake Forest Town Hall, 301 S. Brooks St.

  • Re-inspections fees must be paid before a re-inspection will be performed.

  • Special inspections follow the requirements of the NC Building Code. These inspections include but are not limited to Concrete, Soils, Steel, and Welding.

  • Inspectors will usually inspect using a field report from the testing firm. All engineers' letters or reports need to be emailed to [email protected] and must include the address of the project. This email address needs to be provided to the appropriate firms that are handling your special inspections. All reports must be submitted in a timely manner.

  • Footings and slab inspections are required for all concrete. This includes dumpster pads, sidewalks, pole bases and other accessory structures. Call our office if you have any questions about required inspections.

  • Once you have passed the appropriate inspections you will need to call the City of Raleigh at (919) 890-3425 for your water meter installation.

  • Before a Certificate of Occupancy can be issued, all inspections concerning Appearance, Landscaping, and Site Work must be passed.


  • Knox-Box┬« key boxes are required for buildings with a fire alarm, sprinkler system or elevator. Go to

  • Fire alarm monitoring must be in place and 100% complete. The contractor is required to test the system prior to the acceptance test by fire inspector. Provide a copy of the monitoring report of test at the time of inspection. No partial inspections will be performed; please have all parties present.

  • The test for HVAC duct detectors will be done with a smoke machine (not a smoke bomb) provided by the contractor.

Site Work

Coordinate all site and erosion work with your assigned representative from the Town of Wake Forest Engineering Department at 919-435-9440


Contact Town of Wake Forest Planning Department at 919-435-9510 if there are any questions concerning landscaping, appearance, or any other planning issues.

Plan Submittal Q&A

How many sets of plans are required?

  • All submittals must come through our online portal.

Is there a charge for conditional power?

  • No.

Are fire alarm and sprinkler shop drawings due at time of submittal?

  • No, shop drawings will need to be submitted by your sub-contractor at a later date and will also be required to be submitted through our online portal.

Can I submit building drawings before my site drawings are approved?

  • Yes, these reviews can run concurrently.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to make my building experience in Wake Forest successful?

  • Keep an open line of communication with your inspector.

How do I schedule my inspection?

  • Call the inspections line (919) 435-9531 before 3 p.m. for next day inspection.

I am pouring concrete, do I need an inspection?

  • Any time concrete is poured an inspection is typically required. Coordinate with your inspector.

How do I find out the results of my inspection?

  • The inspector will leave a printout of your inspection results on the job.

When can I speak with my inspector?

  • The inspectors are in the office answering and returning calls each day from 8 - 9 a.m. and 3 - 4 p.m.

Where do I mail my engineer's reports?

Who handles the water and sewer for the town?

  • Water and sewer for Wake Forest is provided by the City of Raleigh.

Do I need a permit for a construction trailer?

  • A Temporary Use permit is required by the Planning Department.

Commercial Permits & Inspections
Assistant Inspections Director