Non-Collection Notice

Non-Collection Notice tagThe Town of Wake Forest is set to introduce a new initiative designed to encourage sanitation customers to follow established collection guidelines. Town and Republic Services crews will “tag” residents that violate trash, recycling, bulk waste, yard waste and loose-leaf collection guidelines.


Residents may receive a “Non-Collection Notice” tag (shown left) for a variety of reasons, including these most common violations:

  • Trash and/or recycling carts that are overfull, too close to another cart or blocked

  • Trash and/or recycling placed in the wrong cart or improper container

  • Trash and/or recycling carts that contain hazardous materials, soil, concrete or brick

  • Recycling carts that contain plastic bags

  • Bulk trash that includes cardboard that needs to be broken down

  • Items that must be scheduled for bulk collection

  • Electronics that are not eligible for curbside pickup

  • Yard waste that exceeds four cubic yards permitted per household

  • Yard waste left behind by a contractor

  • Limbs, leaves and trash that must be separated

  • Leaves containing soil, rocks, limbs, concrete or brick


The first time a resident violates any of these or other collection guidelines, crews will leave a violation notice but collect the materials placed at the curb. However, for each future violation, the resident will receive a non-collection notice that identifies the issue, and the materials will not be collected.

Resident’s Guide to Garbage, Recycling & Yard Waste Pickup

Complete information about Town sanitation guidelines is available in the Resident’s Guide to Trash, Recycling & Yard Waste Pickup.

Waste Wizard

The Waste Wizard makes it easy for Wake Forest residents to know which disposable household materials can be recycled and which ones should be thrown away. The “Waste Wizard” is an interactive tool that allows users to type in key words related to disposable household materials and receive valuable disposal tips. From aluminum cans and phone books to popcorn bags and plastic bags, the search tool helps residents effectively sort their recyclables from their trash. The Waste Wizard also allows users to sign up for waste collection reminders and download collection schedules.

As a bonus, the Waste Wizard is provided as a function on the Town of Wake Forest app.

Spot the Violation

The following photos highlight many of the challenges crews face when collecting trash, recycling and yard waste. Click on the image to view a larger version.

Non-Collection Notice
Yard Waste Collection Supervisor
Residents Guide to Trash, Recycling & Yard Waste Pickup