Pre-Pay Power FAQs

How does Wake Forest Pre-Pay Power work?

Unlike traditional post-pay accounts, Wake Forest Pre-Pay Power, or pre-paid electricity, allows customers to pay for their electricity before they use it. This approach gives the customer more flexibility and control over the use of electricity. It also allows more control over your finances and eliminates debt incurred from your power bill.

Who can participate?

Wake Forest Power customers that have a 200 AMP single phase, non-demand residential account are eligible. Life Support and Medical Alert accounts are not eligible for Wake Forest Pre-Pay Power electricity service.

What does it cost?

Wake Forest Pre-Pay Power electricity service uses the same rate as post-pay service, so there is no additional cost to signing up for pre-paid metering. Existing Wake Forest Power customers can convert their accounts to pre-paid metering service by completing a Wake Forest Pre-Pay Power application, signing the terms of agreement and placing a minimum of $50 on the account for daily usage. There is no deposit!

Are there any deposits or penalties?

Unlike traditional post-pay accounts Wake Forest Pre-Pay Power does not require a customer deposit. Pre-paid metering accounts are not penalized for disconnects and reconnects.

What if I have an overdue balance?

Customer accounts that are wishing to convert to Wake Forest Pre-Pay Power that have an overdue balance can be paid in full prior to converting or choose the debt management option for the balance.

Where do I sign up?

New and existing customers that want Wake Forest Pre-Pay Power service can submit an Pre-Pay Power Application (Residential only)  via email or stop by the Wake Forest Town Hall, 301 S. Brooks St. Pre-Pay Power electric service may not be established over the phone.

Where can I pay?

Payments can be made at the Wake Forest Town Hall during regular business hours (Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm). Payments can be made 24-hours-a-day via credit card or debit card using the automated call system at 919-283-5757 or online. Cash payments can be made at any Money Gram TM locations. Personal checks are not accepted for Wake Forest Pre-Pay Power accounts.

How can I access my account?

Wake Forest Power customers participating in Pre-Pay Power service can access their account information through the Customer Service portal and by calling the automated call system at 919-283-5757.

How do I know when my account is running low?

When a customer signs up for Wake Forest Pre-Pay Power service they will be allowed to set up customized notifications on their account. Alerts can be delivered in any combination using text messaging, email and phone call-out. Examples of alerts include: Low Balance Threshold, Service Connected, Service Disconnected, Service Reconnected and Payment Confirmation. Customers are notified with 7 days, 3 days, and 1 day worth of power remaining.

What happens if my account runs out?

In the event a customer's account funds run out, the electric service will be automatically disconnected. Customers will receive low balance alerts prior to being set to disconnect and will receive alerts once the power has been cut off.

Do I still get a bill?

Wake Forest Pre-Pay Power customers will no longer receive a billing statement.

How do I reconnect my power if it's been disconnected?

Customers can recharge their account at any time—day or night—online, by phone and at a kiosk in town hall during regular business hours. Upon the payment being processed, service will be automatically restored within 30 minutes.

Can I get a payment arrangement on my Wake Forest Pre-Pay Power account?

Payment arrangements are not allowed on Wake Forest Pre-Pay Power accounts. There is a Debt Management option.

When does an account close after being disconnected?

Pre-paid metering accounts that are disconnected and do not become active after 30 days will be considered inactive. In such instances, Wake Forest Power reserves the right to remove that meter.

Can I convert back to a traditional post pay account?

Customers may elect to convert their account from pre-pay to post-paid service after a six month period, although they will be required to pay all account balances and may be subject to required deposits.

Pre-Pay Power FAQs
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