Water & Sewer Fees

Water(Raleigh Install)Fee
Tap Fees
3/4" water service$2900.00
1" water service$3187.00
3/4" irrigation split water service$1194.00
1" irrigation split water service$1599.00
Sewer(Raleigh Install)
4" sewer service$3625.00

**The City does not install taps across divided roadways or across roadways/streets measuring 45 feet or longer

Stub(Customer provides own licensed utility contractor)
Sewer Services$90.00
Water Services$90.00
MeterFeeWater FacilitySewer Facility

Meter/Capital Facility Fees

1 1/2"$488.00$6865.00$12610.00
6" w/fire protection$7800.00$68650.00$126100.00
8" w/fire protection$10417.00$109840.00$201760.00
10" Protectus III$13898.00$288330.00$529620.00

***All Single Family Dwellings will receive 5/8" meters

Plan ReviewFee

Private Water & Sewer Systems

Water System$200.00
Sewer System$200.00
Field Inspections
Private water lines$1.141 per linear foot
Private sewer lines$1.141 per linear foot
  • Note: Town of Wake Forest fees are subject to change without notice. Please contact the appropriate department to confirm current fees and charges.