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Victims VibeWake Forest Police Department (WFPD) Victim Advocate Carly Simonton will introduce a new weekly podcast on Next Door Radio ( Friday, April 14, at 10:15 a.m.

“Victims Vibe – Tales of Trials & Triumphs” will explore domestic violence, sexual assault, and other family-related issues Simonton encounters daily in support of victims and witnesses in her role as Victim Advocate. Her podcast is intended to give the community greater insight into issues facing victims and witnesses of crime, as well as the resources available to them.

“I want to offer a voice to victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, and other crimes,” said Simonton. “I also want to offer hope to their families. Our podcast will offer a platform to share their stories while also helping listeners better understand the judicial process.”

The guest for the April 14 episode will be announced in late March/early April. 



Simonton plans to interview a different guest during each week’s 30-minute podcast, including experts in public safety, law enforcement, and criminal justice issues.


Submit Your Questions & Topics for Future Episodes

As a special feature, she will devote one episode each month to answering questions submitted by area residents. 

Residents are also invited to submit topics for future episodes.

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About Carly Simonton

Carly Simonton joined the Wake Forest Police Department (WFPD) in December 2021 as its first Victim Advocate.

In this role, she assists victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, and other crimes. She also provides support, referrals, and other information related to the crime victim’s rights, while also helping victims and witnesses understand and navigate the judicial process.

Prior to joining the WFPD, Carly served stints as Adult Advocacy Counselor at Families Living Violence Free, District Attorney Legal Assistant in the Granville County District Attorney’s Office, and Victim/Witness Legal Assistant in the Wake County District Attorney’s Office.

The Oxford, NC, native graduated from NC State University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with minors in Criminology and Forensic Science. She was certified as a Forensic Interviewer in 2021 and as a Victim Service Practitioner in 2022.

Victims Vibe Podcast
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