Conducting Business With The Town

Conducting Business with the Town of Wake Forest

The Purchasing Division is responsible for the overall conduct and oversight of all purchases for the Town of Wake Forest equipment, supplies, services, etc. The Town strives to provide all vendors and suppliers an opportunity to bid on goods, services and construction projects. Competitive bidding procedures are utilized as required by North Carolina General Statutes and the Town of Wake Forest Policies and Procedures to ensure that the best value in goods and services is obtained through open vendor competition.  In addition, the Town participates in programs that allow the opportunity to purchase under NC contracts and in cooperative agreements with other governmental units.


Purchasing Methods

The Town obtains goods and service using three basic methods: (1) Procurement cards “P-cards”, (2) purchase orders and (3) contracts.  P-cards and purchase orders are use primarily for supplies, equipment, materials, etc.  Contracts are used for construction and services.

Town departments may procure supplies, equipment, materials, etc. provided the total expenditure does not exceed $2,500, without submitting a requisition to Purchasing.  Purchases at this level do not require bidding and departments are urged to purchase from the most economical source available.

For expenditures exceeding $2,500, departments must submit requisition to the Purchasing division. Based on the dollar amount, Purchasing will obtain item(s) using best practice techniques, including but not limited to: existing contracts, request for quotes, request for bids, etc.


Payment and Tax Information

The Town of Wake Forest is required to pay state and local sales tax.  The tax amount is not shown on the purchase order but the vendor should show the tax amount as a separate line item on the invoice. Payments are processed every other week with term limits of net/30, unless otherwise agreed.  For more information on payments please see the Accounts Payable section.



Qualified bidders are invited to compete for the Town’s business by submitting informal and formal responses to Request for Proposals when the Town needs to contract for materials, equipment or services. Interested bidders may be included on the Town’s bid notification emails by completing the Vendor Application Form

Bids for the purchase of supplies, material, equipment, etc. fall into two categories: formal or informal bids.  Formal bids are those whose total cost exceeds $90,000.  Informal bids are those that are greater than $30,000 but less than $90,000.  Formal bids require a “published notice”.  That notice may either be a legal ad in the newspaper or an electronic notice published on a website. The Town currently uses its own website, as well as the North Carolina State Division of Purchase & Contract’s Interactive Purchasing System (IPS) website to publish our electronic notices. The Town Board of Commissioners reserves the right to reject any or all bids or proposals.


Minority Outreach Program

Bidders are expected to comply with nondiscrimination provisions.  The Town is an equal opportunity employer and invites small and minority contractors to bid. We strongly encourage minority and women owned business to pursue business opportunities within the Town and throughout Wake County. The Town does not operate a minority certification program but does identify vendors in the database as minority vendors based on the information supplied by the vendor. See Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) section.


Registering to Do Business with the Town

When your company is contacted regarding doing business with the Town, the first step is registering your company with the Town.  You can do so by completing the New Vendor Setup form and certifying that you have read through the Terms and Conditions. If your company will be performing any type of service for the Town that requires you to be on-site, the Town must receive a valid Certificate of Insurance. The Town’s insurance requirements can be viewed by clicking on the TOWF Insurance Requirements form. Companies that do not meet the required minimum amounts of insurance will have to be exempted by the Town. Potential vendors that do not carry Workers Comp Insurance may complete an Independent Contractor vs Employee Checklist and an Owner Waiver of Worker’s Compensation form to become an eligible vendor.