Tennis leagues, tennis lessons and tennis clinics are offered by the Wake Forest Area Tennis Association (WFATA) through a partnership agreement with the Wake Forest Parks and Recreation Department.

The WFATA is a not-for-profit, volunteer-operated organization with the mission of promoting the game of tennis in the Wake Forest community. Its purpose is to be an organizing body for introducing all segments of our community area to the game of tennis, and developing programs that best instruct, develop, and challenge the tennis interests of persons of every age (toddler-to-senior adult) and every skill level (absolute beginner-to-advanced competitive).

WFATA's objective is to have a positive impact on our community, promoting healthy and active lifestyles for adults and children, demonstrating a community-conscience, and serving as a unifying body for the town, area schools and area clubs and organizations that may benefit from tennis programming.

WAFATA provides fun, affordable, structured tennis programs for a diverse group of men, women and children representing many races, nationalities, cultures, and socio-economic backgrounds.

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