Key Accounts Program

KAP LogoCommercial and industrial customers have unique needs while at the same time offering significant value to the communities where they operate.

Whether it’s through cost minimization strategies or preferred operations techniques, the Town of Wake Forest and Wake Forest Power are here to help you meet your goals and assist with making your business as successful as possible. Our expert staff provides value with a toolkit of services, including energy surveys, education events, thermal imaging, and more, to help your business grow and thrive.

As a Public Power utility, we look for ways to help our commercial customers minimize costs and optimize operations.

We encourage you to take advantage of the valuable resources listed below. But always remember - WE ARE HERE TO HELP!


Commercial & Industrial Energy Audit

A  walk-through energy audit includes review of energy consumption and billing data, on-site tour of your facility to identify energy efficiency and cost-savings opportunities, and a written report detailing findings. If you are interested in a more comprehensive energy audit, we can assist in recommending a third-party to provide this service.


Commercial & Industrial Power Quality Audit

Our staff can visit a customer site to conduct power quality investigations, which may include comprehensive reviews of customer incident records and utility records. Where necessary, we are able to install monitoring equipment to obtain a profile of the service as it enters a facility.


Commercial & Industrial Lighting Audit

Our staff will provide a comprehensive review of the existing facility lighting system and provide suggestions and tips to consider when selecting a newer, lower-wattage lighting system.


Load Management Consultation

This consultation provides a thorough review of your facility’s energy consumption and billing data to determine the possible savings opportunities available through load management.


Education Events

We periodically host learning opportunities on various facility systems such as HVAC, lighting, compressed air, etc. These may be delivered in person or online through a webinar. If there is a specific topic you would like to learn more about, please let us know.


Infrared Scanning

This service scans electrical panels to identify any potentially hot or overloaded circuits within your facility, which may prevent costly equipment damage and production downtime. 


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Key Accounts Program
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