Erosion & Sediment Control

Tractors clearing out an area in preperation for future building

Program Changes

The NCGO1 Permit changed effective April 1, 2019. NCDEQ developed a Final Fact Sheet describing the changes. 

According to NCDEQ, all builders, including land disturbance under an acre must submit for NCGO1 coverage. For Town of Wake Forest developments, builders and developers will continue to submit Financial Responsible Owner Permits and payment for fees. Single lot owners will submit erosion and sediment control information connected to their building permit.

Town proof of coverage will be generated as part of the building permit process. 

Erosion Permit Overview

Minimal submittal requirements include the Financial Responsibility Form, Site plan and erosion control details, plot plan, calculations for any applicable basin design, swales, etc. and a narrative. NCGO1 coverage will also be required. For lots larger than 0.50 acre, an additional permit is required for land disturbance.  Additional details regarding erosion and sediment control can be found in the Unified Development Ordinance under section 12.3.


How are fees calculated?
  • The E&SC permit fee is $500/acre rounded up to the nearest acre (1.1 acres rounded up is 2 acres * $500 = $1,000), as of March 1, 2018
How long does a Plan last?
  • Plan approval is good for one year, prior to start of work
What is the length of the E&SC permit cycle?
  • E&SC permit is good for two years.
What is the cost for permit renewal?
  • Permit renewal is required in one year increments at $250/acre per year.

DISCLAIMER: Town of Wake Forest fees and charges are subject to change without notice. Please call 919-435-9443 to confirm current fees and charges.

Single Family Lot Requirements

All builders and developers disturbing land in a subdivision are required to have a land disturbance permit even if the disturbance is less than one (1) acre. Each E&SC single family lot fee is $65/lot. The fee is added to your building permit. This covers the cost of inspection and monitoring. Proof of NCGO1 coverage will be required at the time of the initial erosion inspection.  

Minimum Requirements for all lots

Minimum erosion and sediment control measures for lots regardless of size include a construction entrance for each point of access, and a silt fence at the street front and at low sides prior to the initial footing inspection. Any land disturbance project that is under 0.50 acre requires silt fence on the low side of the lot and a construction entrance with 200 pound tensile strength woven fabric underneath. Additional details regarding erosion and sediment control can be found in the Unified Development Ordinance under section 12.3.