UDO Chapter 12 Update

The Town of Wake Forest Public Works Engineering Division is actively working on updates to Chapters 12 and 17 of the UDO to align with State and local regulations. The proposed updates are summarized by section below.

Timeline & Public Comment Period

The Engineering Department submitted our Draft Model Ordinance to the Environmental Management Commission on March 10, 2022.  We anticipate comments from the submittal in a couple months.  Once comments from the state have been incorporated into the draft we will ask for public feedback and comments.  

Summary of Updates

While the list below does not include all of the changes, the following bullets summarize the various changes by section:

  • Chapter 12.3 - Updates to align with the state model local ordinance revised November 2021. 

  • Chapter 12.4 - Update to reflect new flood insurance rate maps and to align with the Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance revised March 2022.

  • Chapter 12.5 - Added language to comply with the new Neuse and Tar-Pamlico Model Stormwater Ordinance for New Development.  The Town of Wake Forest was added to the set of local governments implementing the new Neuse Stormwater Rule, as adopted by the Environmental Management Commission in April 2020.  

  • Chapter 12.6 - Updates for the anticipated Water Supply Watershed Protection (WSWP) draft model ordinance, currently in review with the Environmental Management Commission.

  • Chapter 17 - Updated and added definitions to reflect changes proposed in Chapter 12.

Assistant Engineering Director

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