UDO Chapter 12 Update

The purpose of the Flood Damage Prevention section of the Unified Development Ordinance is to promote the public health, safety, and general welfare and to minimize public and private losses due to flood conditions within flood prone areas. 

The Town of Wake Forest Public Works Engineering Division has updated Chapters 12 and 17 of the UDO to align with State and local regulations. The proposed updates are summarized by section below.

The Public Works Engineering Division will present the proposed changes to Chapter 12 and 17 at a Joint Hearing on July 7. We request feedback on the proposed changes from residents and the development community. Feedback will be incorporated into the Joint Hearing presentation.

Timeline & Public Comment Period

The Public Works Department is requesting feedback from residents and the development community regarding the proposed updates. Please submit feedback by June 24 to Monica Sarna, PE, Stormwater Engineer. 

  • Public Comment Period: June 9–24

  • Joint Public Hearing: July 7

  • Public Hearing continued: September 1

Summary of Updates

While the list below does not include all of the changes, the following bullets summarize the various changes by section:

  • Chapter 12.1- Update language for clarity

  • Chapter 12.2 - No updates

  • Chapter 12.3 - Update language, add NCG01 plan details, clarify grading detail, reference NCDEQ stabilization needs.  Updated references to North Carolina department and manual updates. 

  • Chapter 12.4 - Update to reflect pending changes to flood insurance rate maps, restrict new manufactured and mobile homes.  Existing parks in the floodplain and request they be elevated if being replaced. Existing manufactured homes in floodplains will be required to submit evacuation plans. 

  • Chapter 12.5 - Add clarification language for low-density development as it relates to stormwater. On high-density projects, stormwater control measures and run-off must meet national standards. Illicit discharge enforcement language was added. Updating industry language, changing sinking fund requirements and added in clarification language.

  • Chapter 12.6 - Updates language and rules surrounding watershed protection overlay. Currently our map does not list all overlay districts which is confusing to developers and staff. Added language to help connect state and federal rules to ours. There are different impervious surface rules for each watershed designation type. The types of watershed at defined as critical area, balanced, and protected. In Wake Forest, numerous watersheds overlay our town. Therefore, the  updated chart reflects each watershed and each type. The zoning overlays have been modified and the critical area impervious surface has been updated. The updates match state regulations.

  • Chapter 12.7 - Updates in this section were requested as it has been difficult to review and enforce buffer areas due to current definitions. This section pulls in state definitions and resources and details on surface area. Buffer tables were updated to match state code. *Updated Buffer Table B and defined Zone 3 on 6/18/20.

  • Chapter 17 - Updated and added definitions to reflect changes proposed in Chapter 12

Proposed Updates

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