Administration Fees

Motor Vehicle Fee - $25.00
Please Note: NC General Statutes authorize municipalities to levy up to $30.00 for the motor vehicle fee. The Town’s current vehicle fee is $25.00 of which $5.00 remains in the general fund and supports street maintenance initiatives. The remaining $20.00 is used to offset debt service for various transportation improvements around town. Payment is collected through Wake County and Franklin County tax billings. Display of license plates or auto decal is not required by the Town of Wake Forest.

Filing fee for office of Commissioner - $15.00

Filing fee for office of Mayor - $50.00

Fee for Town Code reproduction(s)

  • Paper binder - $30.00

  • Hardback - $150.00

Fee for receiving a hard copy of the Board of Commissioners Agenda

  • Agenda without Attachments - No Charge

  • Agenda with Attachments - $45.00

  • Planning Board Agenda without Attachments - No Charge

  • Planning Board Agenda with Attachments - $45.00

Taxicab Company - See Privilege License Schedule

Document & Copy Fees

  • Documents

    • Manual of Specifications, Standards and Design - $75.00/$100.00 with CD

    • Documents on CD - $10.00 per CD

  • Maps

    • 34 x 44 - $25.00

  • Copies

    • Letter, Legal - $ .25 per sheet


Note: Town of Wake Forest fees are subject to change without notice. Please contact the appropriate department to confirm current fees and charges.