Greenway Improvements


Wake Forest voters approve four bond questions

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, Wake Forest voters approved all four questions on the referendum ballot for the Town of Wake Forest:

  • Question #1 concerning roadway and transportation improvements ($23.7 million) passed 14,940 to 4,617 (76% to 24%).

  • Question #2 regarding parks and recreation ($24.4 million) passed 13,783 to 5,808 (70% to 30%).

  • Question #3 concerning greenway improvements ($14.35 million) passed 13,226 to 6,327 (68% to 32%).

  • Question #4 regarding the downtown parking facility ($12.5 million) passed 10,873 to 8,586 (56% to 44%).


Greenway ImprovementsThe Town is seeking voter authorization to issue up to $14.35 million in general obligation (G.O.) bonds for various projects to improve Wake Forest trails and greenways.

Bond funding will be used - together with any other available funds - to acquire, construct, improve and equip various greenways inside and outside the corporate limits of Wake Forest, including any related land, easements, and rights of way.

An important part of the Town’s overall transportation network, greenways answer the growing public demand for safe and pleasant ways to travel around Town

The Town's first greenway was constructed in 2003. Currently there are 15.5 miles greenways in the Wake Forest system.

Bond Amount

$14.35 million

Potential Projects

Dunn Creek Greenway - Phase 4

Dunn Creek Greenway Phase 4 is a new 0.5-mile-long greenway connection in Flaherty Park that brings the park into the greater greenway corridor. The project ties into existing greenways trails in Del Webb at Traditions and Orchards at Tradition. The greenway connects to the Flaherty Farms Apartment complex and adds new connections within the park.

Dunn Creek Greenway - Phase 3

Dunn Creek Greenway Phase 3 is a new 1.7-mile-long greenway along the Dunn Creek corridor. The greenway starts near the Ledgerock neighborhood and continues north to East Juniper Avenue. The greenway spits, with a segment following the stream and another segment through Ailey Young Park. The greenway connects the Traditions neighborhood and the Northeast Community, connecting at 7th Street and Carroll Street.

Smith Creek Greenway - Phase 2

Smith Creek Greenway Phase 2 is a new 1.4-mile-long greenway along the Smith Creek corridor. The project starts where the current greenway ends, just south of Burlington Mills Road. The project crosses under the Burlington Mills Road bridge and continues to Ligon Mill Road. The greenway connects to the Kitchin Farms neighborhood.

Smith Creek Greenway Phase 3

Smith Creek Greenway Phase 3 is a new 1.2-mile-long greenway along the Smith Creek corridor. The greenway segment begins under the Ligon Mill Road bridge and continues to where the existing Smith Creek Greenway and Sanford Creek Greenway meet. The greenway connects to the Smith Creek and Margot’s Pond neighborhoods.

Sanford Creek Boardwalk Replacement


Are there any funded greenway projects that are still incomplete?

Yes. However, greenway improvements tend to take longer and consist of multiple phases which include planning/designing, right-of-way acquisition, and construction.

Right-of-way acquisition, in particular, is often a lengthy process.

Funding for Dunn Creek and Smith Creek in the 2022 referendum is designated for the construction phase. 

Greenway Improvements
Assistant Town Manager/CFO