Wake Forest Bus Service

Wake Forest introduced Bus Service in 2007.  Wake Forest residents have the opportunity to ride a weekday rush-hour express from Wake Forest to downtown Raleigh and use a local circulator service that serves the Town and provides access to grocery stores, shopping, and other services. The two routes are the result of a partnership between the Town of Wake Forest and the City of Raleigh.  Both the express route and the local circulator route are operated by GoRaleigh.

GoRaleigh Access

GoRaleigh provides ADA Paratransit service for eligible persons with disabilities whose trips originate within 3/4 miles of the Wake Forest Loop and end within the service areas of GoRaleigh.  The program in Wake Forest is administered by the City of Raleigh and funded by the Town of Wake Forest.  For more information regarding eligibility and service, contact GoRaleigh Access.

Transportation Projects

Town staff manage the design and construction of numerous Capital Improvement Projects in Wake Forest. Project managers work with consultants and contractors to improve the Town's infrastructure, including widened roads and constructing sidewalks, traffic signals, and greenways. These projects support Wake Forest by making connections and supporting all modes of travel. Transportation related questions or comments can be directed to the Engineering Department

Visit the Interactive Transportation Projects Map to see the status of completed or future transportation projects. 

Transportation Planning

The Wake Forest Planning Department is responsible for Comprehensive Transportation Planning for the community.  Town staff evaluate the future transit, bicycle, pedestrian, and roadway networks in the Town of Wake Forest to guide transportation investment over the next 20 to 25 years.

Traffic Alerts

Keep up-to-date on road closures and other projects affecting our area with our real-time traffic alerts.


The Town's first greenway was constructed in 2003. Currently there are 15.5 miles greenways in the Wake Forest system, with more greenways being built every year.

Visit the Interactive Greenway Map to see existing greenway and the status of future greenway projects.