Development Services

The Development Services Division is assigned to administer many of the current planning, zoning, and plan review functions that are part of the overall responsibilities of the planning department.  

The development process can involve a single-family dwelling, a commercial building, or a subdivision of land. Projects can involve new construction, repairs, replacements, renovations, remodeling, rezoning or clearing of land. 

This webpage is designed to assist anyone interested in the development process to better understand the important steps involved in the development process as well as provide a general outline of what we do. 


The Development Process

The development process can be quite complicated without knowing the proper steps. The flow chart provided below has been prepared to assist local landowners, architects, engineers, developers, and other interested parties understand all phases of the development review process in the corporate limits and extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ) of the Town of Wake Forest. Which numerous codes, policies and procedures involved in securing development approval, this guide is designed to make the development process more understandable while providing staff adequate opportunity to ensure compliance with each applicable regulation.

Development Permits

A Development Permit indicates compliance with the provisions of the Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) and is required for the constriction or development of any new use within the Town of Wake Forest jurisdiction and any other site improvements as indicated in the UDO. In addition to new uses, a Development Permit is required for expansions of existing uses, changes of uses, any use permitted with special conditions (Chapter 3 of UDO) and any signage requiring a permit (Chapter 11 of UDO). A building permit may be required in addition to a Development Permit depending on the nature of construction/improvement.

Applicants are encouraged to call or visit the Planning Department prior to applying for a Development Permit.

Annual Development Report

The Development Services staff completes an annual development report which provides current information on population, housing, and development activities.

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