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Wake Forest Power (WFP) has implemented a new Outage Management System (OMS) featuring Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and an online outage map and reporting tool.


Outage MapOnline Outage Map & Reporting Tool

Wake Forest Power's online outage map and reporting tool makes it easier than ever for customers to report power outages and receive real-time information about power interruptions. Both the outage map and reporting tool are accessible from the Town website and provided as a function of the Town app (under Wake Forest Power).

When a power outage occurs, the interactive map shows a red dot in the approximate location of the outage, along with the number of affected customers and the current duration. The size of the dot correlates to the size of the outage and shows outages of any size, even those that affect just one customer.

As an added benefit, the outage map includes a “Report Outage” button (in the top right corner) customers can click on to quickly report an outage in their location from their computer or smart phone.

Outage Map

Automated Phone System

The IVR system is an automated phone system that utilizes one phone number to make reporting power outages and other issues easier.

The highlight of the initiative is an automated outage reporting telephone number: 919-435-9478.

Now, customers can dial 919-435-9478 to report a power outage, make a payment, start/stop service, reconnect electric service, and report a street light outage.

Previously, customers had to call a different number to report outages. WFP officials say having one number for customers to call 24 hours a day will simplify the outage reporting process and enhance the overall customer experience.

Customers need only to call 919-435-9478 and follow the prompts to quickly notify Wake Forest Power that their electricity is out. As an added bonus, customers disconnected due to non-payment who call the number hear an automated message explaining the reason for their electric service interruption.

When a customer calls the outage reporting number, the OMS attempts to identify the telephone number from which the customer is calling and match that number to their account. As long as Wake Forest Power has the number in its system, the OMS will recognize the customer. If Wake Forest Power does not have the number, or if the number on file is wrong, information pertaining to the customer's account will not be found.

Accurate Contact Information Needed

Wake Forest Power is asking customers to make sure they have provided accurate contact information. More specifically, customers are asked to register up to two phone numbers associated with their account.

For example, you may want to consider providing your home number and a cell phone number. These telephone numbers need to be the ones you will use when calling to report an outage.

How to Update Your Contact Information

Wake Forest Power customers can update their outage phone numbers by calling customer service at 919-435-9478 during normal office hours (Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.).


Having updated emergency outage phone numbers will provide on-call employees with an automatic glance at all the known information concerning a customer's account, including name, address, account number, map number, substation, meter number and line section.

When customers call to report service interruptions, this information will be provided to electric crews to ensure faster response time and enhanced troubleshooting capability.

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