Volunteer Awards


Each year, in order to promote community recognition of volunteer efforts, the Wake Forest Community Council presents the following annual volunteer awards:

Award Nominations

Any member of the community may submit a nomination for any volunteer award. Award nominations for a given year will be accepted from the start of that year until Noon on the third Wednesday in October of that year. Publicity soliciting nominations will begin in September.

Nomination forms are available from any Community Council Member and online where they can be completed, printed, or downloaded.

Nomination forms can be submitted as follows:

  • Entered online by noon on the due date

  • Emailed to the Community Council by Noon on the due date

  • Submitted by mail to WFCC, PO Box 1003, Wake Forest, NC 27588. To be accepted, mailed forms must be present in Council's PO Box by Noon on the due date

  • Dropped off at the Wake Forest Town Hall by Noon on the due date

The Community Council will confirm receipt of each accepted nominee with a letter of congratulations to the nominee.

Preparation for Awards Voting

After the end of the business day on the third Wednesday in October, all nomination forms will be:

  • collected by the Chair of the Community Council

  • logged in and reviewed for conformance to requirements by the Chair of the Community Council and another officer of his/her selection

  • a letter of congratulations will be sent by the Chair of the Community Council to each accepted nominee

  • made available (no later than start of business on the Monday preceding the November Community Council meeting) to eligible Community Council members for review

Note: Only those Community Council members whose dues were paid by June 30 and who have met meeting attendance requirements are eligible to participate in the November awards voting.

Awards Voting

Award winners will be selected by eligible Community Council members in attendance at the November Community Council meeting. It will be the responsibility of these Council Members to review all nominations in advance of the November meeting. Voting will be by secret ballot.

Note: Each member organization and individual member will have one vote for each award. Even when representing more than one organization for reporting purposes at a Council meeting, an individual may vote only once for each award.

Ballots will be counted at the November Council meeting by the Council Chair and a fellow officer to ensure that there is no tie vote requiring a second ballot. The winner of each award will be the nominee for that award that received the highest number of votes. Results of balloting will be kept confidential and only be disclosed to those with a need to know.

After award selection is complete, nomination forms, ballots, and vote tallies will be given to the Council Secretary to be included in Council records.

Award Presentation

Award recipients will be honored regardless of the pandemic, either during a virtual community presentation or the annual Community Christmas Dinner traditionally held the first Monday in December.

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