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Public Notice - Lease of Town Property - Notice of Intended Lease of Ten Years or Less

The Town of Wake Forest Board of Commissioners intends to enter into a lease of the following town-owned property: Located at Flaherty Park Field #2 - 1100 N. White Street, Wake Forest NC, 27587

The town intends to lease the property to NCABC, INC (DBA FUNGO) for a term of ten years; NCABC, INC (DBA FUNGO) will also have the option to renew the lease for one additional term of five years. In consideration of the lease, NCABC, INC (DBA FUNGO) will Provide the following:

  • Manager games during the week and on weekends for flexibility of fan attendance. Host larger events will be held in conjunction with town events, as well as independently to add to the menu of summer options for the people of Wake Forest.   

  • Conduct off season Development Program – FUNGO will sign a separated MOU to establish an eight-week training regimen for youth baseball and softball athletes.

  • Maintain all operational and administrative responsibilities of the team and its supporting program. This includes all staffing, recruiting, scheduling, procurement, and implementation.

  • FUNGO will promote and schedule franchise games and Old North State League events at Flaherty Park Field #2. The Parties anticipate approximately 30 games per season, said season occurring roughly May 20th through August 10th each year. Use Times: 6:30 /PM to 9:30 /PM. However, game and events shall be allowed to start and end at different times during the season for special events with approval of the Town.

  • At the conclusion of each season, FUNGO will provide an average game and overall attendance numbers for the year, along with a financial report detailing expenditures and revenue. This report must be submitted to the town by the end of September each year.

NCABC, INC (DBA FUNGO) will pay the town an annual rent of $1.00 for a period of ten years.  If the town Payments shall be made by the first of May each calendar year.

All persons interested in this lease are invited to attend the meeting of the Board of Commissioners meeting to be held at Town Hall, 301 South Brooks Street, Wake Forest, NC 27857 at 6:00 p.m., on Tuesday, May 21, 2004. At that time the board intends to authorize the lease of the property described above.

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April 1, 2024

Public Meeting Notices
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