Yard Waste

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Vegetative matter resulting from landscaping maintenance performed by homeowner only, including but not limited to leaves, twigs, grass, limbs, hedge clippings, hay/pine straw, pine cones, and logs.

Yard waste collection service is provided to residential homes that are not professionally landscaped within the Town limits of Wake Forest.


  • Placement into clear plastic bags or household trash containers.

    • Household containers or Carts larger than 48-gallons will not be collected due to weight.
  • Limbs and brush larger than one inch but smaller than six inches in diameter must be no longer than six feet.

  • Limbs and logs larger than six inches in diameter must not exceed two feet.

  • Logs must not exceed 10 inches in diameter.


  • Piles are not to exceed four cubic yards per week.

  • Trash cans and bags are not to exceed 10 total per week and not exceed 50 pounds each. 

  • Logs are not to exceed 75 pounds per week. 

  • Yard waste must be free of trash and other refuse.

Two Types of Trucks Visit Your Street on Yard Collection Day

Small Yard Waste Truck

Collects Town-provided carts and household containers with yard waste, small sticks and limbs placed behind the curb

Limbs must be no more than 8 feet long and a maximum diameter of 8 inches.

Larger logs, stumps and roots that exceed these dimensions should be placed at the curb in a different pile. These items are collected separately by the knuckleboom truck.

Truck TypeWhat This Truck CollectsCollection Tips

Knuckleboom Truck

Safely and more efficiently collects limbs, logs, stumps and roots that are too large for the small yard waste truck

If you see the small yard waste truck pass your large pile of limbs, it’s very likely that the knuckleboom truck has been notified and will collect that pile by the end of the day. 


Any yard waste pruned or cut by a contractor will be the sole responsibility of the contractor to remove from the property.

Items that cannot be collected:

  • Building materials

  • landscape materials

  • plant pots

  • plastic trays

  • mulch bags

  • dirt

  • rocks

Leaf Collection

Leaves are picked up loose at the curb each year from Oct. 1 through the second Friday of March. Leaves should be placed next to and behind the curb, not in the street, so they do not interfere with traffic or drainage. From the third Monday in March through the end of September, grass clippings, loose leaves, pine straw, etc. must be either bagged or in a container. Leaf piles and bags must be free of limbs, trash and debris. Please note, the schedule may be affected by leaf volume, weather conditions, mechanical issues, or other operational challenges.

For daily updates on leaf collection contact the leaf collection hotline at 919-435-9582.

Loose leaf collection

Point of Service

All items must be placed next to and behind the curb by 7 am on the day of pickup.

Pickups will be from occupied residences only - not from vacant lots or unoccupied properties.

Mulch & Wood Chips

To request the delivery of leaf mulch, contact Chad Hildebrandt

To request the delivery of wood chips, contact Betty Pearce

Each delivery is approximately 20 cubic yards.

Leaf mulch is available from October through March.

Please Note: The wood chips are not similar to the chips you would purchase in a home improvement store. The size, color, and type of wood chips is a mixture and are available year-round.

Days of Service 

Yard Waste Collection Schedule

Dos and Don'ts

DO - Place all brush in a single location by 7 am on day of pickup.

DO - Have it clean of trash.

DO - Have contractor remove their own waste.

DO - Have it separate from trash pickup.

DO - Use clear bags or marked containers

DO - Place next to and behind curb.

DO - Place in areas where the town's collection equipment can access without damaging property, including mailboxes, water meters, etc.

DON'T - Place next to house, carport, or inside of a fence.

DON'T - Place next to trash or recycle bins.

DON'T - Use black or unmarked cans.

DON'T - Mix with other refuse.

DON'T - Place on vacant lots or unoccupied property.

DON'T - Place in the street where they may interfere with traffic or drainage.

DON'T - Place on top of water meters, flower beds, and other items that may be damaged by the town's collection equipment


Yard Waste
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